Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Swedish organisation "Original Gangsters" has been in the press recently for revealing the names and details of people involved in the nationalist party Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) and encouraging people to contact them and...well, basically voice their opinions.

Together with the website RAPPORT24 they have taken a very hard stance against the Sweden Democrats. Any good? Good plan?

Well it depends on what side of the fence you stand and how far you think things should be taken, if you think freedom of speech is more important than defending the nation against prejudice.

They (SD) are pretty much nazis. No matter which way you look at it - many members of SD have voiced opinions such as "Islam is a violent pedophile cult" and "Immigrants should be lined up against the wall and shot between the eyes".

With this in mind I can in many ways agree that it's only a good thing that people should be encouraged to directly confront these people - lets be fair, if it went any further we could be doing it in uniform with to nip it in the bud.

Has it done any good? Well - party members in Ronneby, Trelleborg and Oxelösund have all jumped ship, mostly due to fear for themselves and their families - a party member in Gothenburg was even stabbed.

If this was a movie - these people would be the heroes. But it's real life. Unfair criminals or defenders of justice? You decide.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here in Sweden is this funny little advert showing an aircraft carrier preparing for what we presume to be a harrier jet take off before cutting to a Wright-Brothers style plane slowly ambling away. The catch phrase being "do you have a TV that's HD ready but no HD channels to watch?"

Not a diss to HD, which I'm sure is good but this can be related to music also when it comes to the fact doesn't matter how "HD" your TV is, it makes no difference if the program you're watching is shit!

Now, I'm musically raised in a garage and squats - I played gigs with 3-watt amps using the overload and busted speaker as distortion, I recorded demos by breaking the overwipe function on a tape recorder and overdubbing ad infinitum - sticking my head in a tumble dryer to act as reverb.

Basically we're taking steampunk to whole new meaning. All my bands in my younger days just took whatever we could find/afford/borrow and used it...and the thing is, it all worked! And I mean worked, like if I listen to the stuff we made now-a-days it still sounds ok, it sounds like what we wanted it to sound like.

I had played literally hundreds of gigs before I found myself stood on a stage with a monitor...a monitor! Sellout!

These days in music we've got so much technology and bits to add to our other bits that loop round and do this and that, it's easy to spend all the time getting that right and forget about the fucking music!

Lets look at some examples of great records, how many "classic" records had that technology? Did BATHORY have any at all? No they used the same amp, all plugged in at once to record an album and invented a new genre! Did THE STOOGES work for ages to get that "just right" sound or did they just plug in, turn it up and go for it? How did MC5 perform?

You know what I'm saying. I have spent many days and hours playing roadie or stagehand for various bands both big and small and seen all sorts of boxes and contraptions that I thought "why the fuck does he need that?" those huge guitar effects pedal boards always confused me because no matter how many they had I could never hear any difference in the playing - 1000 pedals...I am the best!

I dunno, I don't need sticks to walk 'cos....I can walk. Feelin' me?

I've seen some insane stuff, and I know some people have this infatuation and love for buttons and dials and wires and gadgets that they think they need to play in a band, and others love to be the guy running about setting all the crap up and getting into every single aspect of the definition of the sound - and I know that some people actually make a living out of it and that's fair enough if you're doing what you love but.....why!?!?!?!?

Toni Iommi's guitar sound during the solo on "Paranoid"...what did he use? Answer: None of that crap.

I've seen a drummer wearing big padded headphones for a monitor asking for more drums in his headphones - dude, take the fuckin' headphones off, the drums are those big loud things right in front of you, you'll hear them!

Using a guitar amp the size of a small house then wiring it up through a large PA and several monitors...having to turn the amp down and then standing right front of it and hearing it via the monitors.

I know for some people this sort of thing is a love and for some even an "of course" but for me it's just a pointless waste of time....especially on a small stage in a small venue, even more so if all this cuts into your focus to actually write songs.

Older bands got an album out pretty quick....why? Because they were not sat about pissing around with knobs and buttons for years.

This is why so much good punk is so pure and powerful and good. Amen. Fuck your HD-bands!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Some who know me, may come to know that under my fabulous and handsome, almost godlike exterior I am in fact...a huge geek.

Now, I've never been much one for Star Trek (but I'm willing!) but almost every other geek franchise you can think of has had me snagged - boardgames, tabletop games, roleplaying games, books, films, manga, cartoons, comics, computer games...and so on.

So today to celebrate the love of the geek is my list for the best comic-book crossovers (that I have read).

In chronological order...


This came out in the late 80s and was the first of two large franchises to cross over that I read - although there had been several comic crossovers before - the story is pretty simple. The predators are hunters than come down to a remote planet that some humans are working on and release aliens into the environment in order to go hunt. The comics (and graphic novel) are landmark classic good and what followed was a lot more Predator comics, books etc revolving around the hunter-aliens that we knew little of from the first movie. In 1990 when the movie Predator 2 came out, us geeks got wet seats at the sight of an alien skull hanging in the Predators spaceship - hinting at a movie in the future.

Predator went on to get into fights with lots more comic heroes including Batman, Superman, Judge Dredd, JLA, Tarzan, Witchblade, Terminator (didn't he already do that?)...and some others.

When the movie came out in 2004 many were disappointed - I thought it was pretty close to the original plot and a nice little action movie with aliens slicing each other up all over...what more d'ya want.


Alan Grant and Simon Bisley together with 2000ad made this pretty awesome crossover which was quite awesome for a British output - I have mine signed by Alan Grant...just thought I'd get that out there.

It's typically dark as per Batman at the time, that gets transported via a dimension jump belt (while chasing Judge Death) to Mega City One and the world of Judge Dredd (worst film version of an awesome comic book EVER!) after a bit of a skuffle they team up and go after Judge Death - the style is typical of Alan Grant and perfect - they made a few other crossovers afterwards with Judge Dredd and Batman but none really hit the point like this one.

Judge Dredd, as with the rest of the 2000ad stories such as Rouge Trooper, Slaine, ABC Warriors, Nemisis are comics that have actually been sadly passed over by the film world apart from the terrible film with Stallone as Dredd - I've read online that there will be a new film coming called simply "DREDD" which promises to be 10million times better.

There are are few good fan films of 2000ad stuff about - here are some!

Getting the horror on is FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH

What was a good fun crossover movie became an even more awesome comic when the Evil Dead hero Ash decided to show up and step in - using the Necronomicon to gain power the draw in Ash and the rest of the S-Mart and the killing starts.

There are a few web-geek rumors of a movie but I guess we'll have to wait and see...gotta be better than that pointless re-make of Nightmare on Elm St.

Found this pretty cool fan-flick online though.


I mean, what gets better? Although they have all met before in the past this time they all gang up together for one big jamborree! The aliens and the Predators have been stuck frozen under ice of the andes since yonks ago and with a volcano going off they get unfrozen and the fun begins, just happens that Superman AND Batman are there too but that's just details how they got there - awesomeness ensures.

And what didn't I read...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Very sad was the day that I heard Satanic Surfers decided to call it a day - the band had "been with me" since the early-mid 90s and I had every album, split, EP, unreleased stuff, a t-shirt...y'know.

I only got to see them live the one time but it was one hell of an experience (see this blog post for that story) but various members of the band* went into (or were already involved with) some really fantastic other bands - here are my list of awesomeness for those weeping over the loss.

(*or at least the final line up)

First off is the band that if Satanics were the Descendents would be ALL - at least as far as sound goes.


Although only Rodrigo (vocalist) is from Satanics this is the band that pick up most where Satanics left off in sound - in fact if I didn't know better I would swear that it was Satanic's Fredrik Jakobson on guitar, the style is almost exactly the same.

The band only have one full length so far "Shut The World Out" which came out in 2008 along with the soon-out EP "Watching The Horizon" and work on a follow-up full album.

Go check them out at their myspace HERE

Next up is a band that I have really got into over the past few months - SISTA SEKUNDEN

A much more straight-forward hardcore punk sound featuring Andy (Satanics bassist) kinda 80s DC hardcore mixed with some old Swedish style and a bit of indie chucked in, lyrics mostly in Swedish which means we that talks tha talk can enjoy them on another level but even if you didn't get a word good tunes is good tunes!

Apparently their latest album "Åldras Med Stil" (Aging With Style) is a lot more 70s-80s Swedish punk style - I just ordered my copy yesterday from INSTIGATE RECORDS (go check them out) so lets see how that is once I get it!

Love this band - can't reccomend them enough. Myspace HERE

Robert the drummer for Satanics plays guitar in WE LIVE IN TRENCHES

How could I describe them? Think like Shellac, Big Black, Fugazi, Girls Against Boys....bit of Faith Healers - know where I'm coming from? Best just go over and check them out yourself!

Myspace HERE

Sadly Satanics guitarist and founding member Fredrik isn't to my knowledge doing anything musical these days as yet, hope maybe soon!

So, go check out the above bands if you have not already done so and enrich your life - and to end it all, some good ol' classic!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well, I did promise this week to go back to what I normally write instead of just bashing on about The Sweden Democrats but I promise that this will be my last one (for now).

So, just got back from the Anti-SD demo-march here where I live, was a nice turn out and a little jaunt round town, I think Abbey the dog wondered why so many other people were on her walk though.

So, a few more points that I would like to bring up....and I know that I'm mostly preaching to the converted but all the same, some of these points were brought up today at the march and mirrored exactly what I have been thinking.

First off there was a TV interveiw with one of The Sweden Democrats party members recently where he went into a bit of detail about their anti-islamic ideologies. By his own words he described Islam as a "violent pedophile cult". Hmmm, well - as we know Islamic people have been to blame for such acts but then again so have people of every religion...or non-religion so...invalid?

I have no read the Qur'an but I'm quite sure it dosn't say anything about violence or kiddy-fiddling. The party member then went on to describe how Mohammed, who is a role model for every Muslim was married to a 9-year old girl.

Well, a few points on that - first off, that means that you have to accept that Mohammed was a real person and did everything the Qur'an and Islam said he did...which also means that you believe he was given the Qur'an by word of mouth by the Angel Gabriel and somehow managed to get someone else to write it all down afterwards (he being illiterate at the time).

It also means that you would have to do everything Mohammed did...or? His first wife was in her 40s so maybe you have to go through a few before you get a 9-year old. Also, as far as I know it's not legal to marry a 9-year old and I don't see any 9-year old Islamic brides.

If we accept this as truth then the reason would be that it was the norm at the time - sick by today's standards but not by then's irrelevant!

Pedophile cult eh? I do know one religion that we could say that about....

Anyway - basically this is where the biggest likeness between The Sweden Democrats and the Nazis come in for me....all you have to do is replace the Islamic hate for Jew hate and you've got it.

Well...on the bright side, Sweden has 5.7% in favour of the Nazis and that means the rest were not so...with 20 members in parliment there is 329 who are not and I believe that our Prime Minister has a plan to freeze out any of their racist decisions, we are still a democratic and liberal country.

Democracy, by the way - by the modern sense is something I have a bit of a gripe with....but I don't think of a good alternative - the parliment is voted in but only by a majority vote (over 50%) - who decides that? Why can't it be most votes wins? That was it's still democratic - the majority of the people get what they wanted. Or kind of.

Anyway - with SD in parliment for at least the next 4 years we'll see what happens and with any luck...fuck all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Do they even have Nazis?


I promise tomorrow I'll start writting again =)

Monday, September 20, 2010


I am an old man sat in my chair, trying to read my paper and smoke my pipe - where as Sweden is my old wife, who I still love but do not understand why she must blabber on and on to her friends on the phone about the most pointless crap, re-evaluating points over and over, re-visiting the much visited and deciding the undecidable.
That is to say, over the months weeks and days coming up to yesterdays election in Sweden the media has been filled with my old wife blabbering away.

Yesterday Sweden decided on a new partliment, and due to a minority win, the government was forced to collaborate with one of two smaller parties - the environment geared "Miljöparti" (Environment Party) or the far right anti-immigrant party "Sverigedemokraterna" (Sweden Democrats). The environment party stand on the left and the government stand on the right (right for Sweden, it's much more center-liberal) so....they turned down the offer.

One word....duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In other words, take one for the team for fuck's sake, swallow your pride and don't let in the nazis!
Oooops, they let in the nazis. Cut of the nose to spite the face anyone?

Well, that's one reason why the Sweden Democrats got into parliment. But the other reason is this, or at least I that during the upcoming time to the election as I have said, the Swedish media feel it their duty to go on and on and on and on about the same things over and over and over and one of the points brought up ALL the time? Sweden Democrats of course.

Now, most of the parties stand out on the street with their flyers and little cabins in order to educate and publicise themselves to the public, Sweden Democrats could just sit on their asses and let our mass media do the job for them!


It's the same reason why the Pirate Party got into the EU in the last European Parliment election.
When will this small, peacefull country learn that there is a reason why the media is called "The Third Power"... if they had just STFU then maybe today would have been a much brighter day for all.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


To celebrate starting off a small distro/label (that I hope to grow over time) I am giving away some free stuff to y'all.


So first off a great digital compilation album that you can download from the link below


  1. OKKULTOKRATI - On Mouth Of Hells
  2. SHADES OF GREY - Capitalism Must Come To An End
  3. ARTIMUS PYLE - Peace, Death & Desruction
  4. THE SWORD - Night City
  5. GHOST - Ritual
  6. SISTA SEKUNDEN - Jag Är Aldrig Nöjd
  7. HAUST - The Abyss
  8. DETESTATION - They Won't Take Me Alive
  9. VICTIMS - No Reason
  10. BLACK PANDA - Redneck Zombie
  11. D-CLONE - What Colour The Sky
  12. PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER - Concrete Justice
  13. CULTURE SHOCK - Punks On Postcards
  14. FLASH ATTACKS - Casey
  15. OHUZARU - Wholetthes
  16. RETCHING RED - Blue Kid
  17. SEND MORE PARAMEDICS - Zombie Crew
  18. CARCASS - Reek Of Putrefaction
(Copyright disclaimer, I own no copyright to these songs, they are just for your own personal use to enjoy and for promotion for you to hopefully check out the bands!)

Any questions on the bands can be sent to me or left as a comment below.

Also, I am giving away free REAL stuff!

A copy of the LUCIEN cd album (which I seem to have an excess of), a copy of SONGS TO SET HEARTS OF FIRE 2, Century Media sampler with bands like Grace Will Fall, Norma Jean, He Is Legend and more, and Black Lotus Records DVD sampler.

All you have to do is mail me at gregcpearson (AT) hotmail (DOT) com and tell me why, best answer gets the package.



It's time to vote today in Sweden so everyone get out there! Myself, I have no voting rights so I'll be led in bed watching Star Wars.

It looks like "Alliensen" (The Alliance....sound like a Star Wars baddie!) will take the crown but it will be a close match.

Personally (if you're asking) I have always stood on the the UK at least and Sweden's right stands for on the UK's left so I'm a little confused about all the parties. I hate capitalism but I like liberalism. I believe in solidarity and lessening the divide in class but I also believe in financial choice and freedom (so to say if you want to work more to earn more that's your concern, if you want to work less and earn less, so be it). I like environmental concern but I also like

If you have a red heart and get disappointed with the results here are some good points that I can bring out of the bag for you to cheer you up a bit so you don't see it all from a bad view (I do understand that it's more involved than this but just a few good points, doesn't mean I'm in the right-blue pocket!)

*First off - with privately owned companies instead of state owned it now means that we can buy a fukkin' paracetamol at the shops on a Sunday night instead of having to go to Apoteket. Soon it could mean that Systembolaget (the off-license which is currently state-owned in Sweden) could get owned privately and that means that it could end up like the UK and you can buy a beer in the shops almost anytime instead of having to plan your drinking. Which I believe could help cut down a lot on binge-drinking but I only speak through personal experience.

*Not all companies are faceless evil corporations. Some are small owned "Mom & Pop" run, these will be able to flourish much easier and means more jobs.

*Students/immigrants like myself will be able to study on with our study-money helping support us meaning that adults like myself that were never given the opportunity to get an education at the time get a fair chance to give ourselves a career and create a future better job.

So, good luck to all the voters, just remember to draw a cock on the SD box!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


On the decks of steel this week is the band that was the soundtrack to my stressful studying for two big tests - Norway's finest, OKKULTOKRATI

Basically a nice blend of punk rock (think Black Flag), doom stoner like High On Fire and a dash of good ol' Norwegian Black Metal.

Go and have a listen HERE

The releases this band have made rock my world and even more so because not only do they appear on vinyl but on CASSETTE - now, I love cassette and use it almost every day and this band have out retroed the retro but releasing on tape....THAT......IS.....AWESOME!

Go get you some and smash up your kitchen!

Friday, September 17, 2010


So, just thinking today about the dividing wedge between punk and heavy metal. There is the obvious - for example there are the ultra-commercial rock bands that punks hate, and there are
a bunch of ultra-commercial punk bands that are mostly liked by rockers.
But there are a few bands that really could be placed under the banner of "heavy metal" (or some off shoot) that are not only liked but at times worshiped by the much more punk/underground orientated.

Carcass are a good example because although people can try to throw them into however many categories as possible (gore-grind etc) they are/were a death metal band that became more of a rock band and signed to a major label. Yet there are liked, worshiped even by the unwashed, patch-covered masses up there with the rest. And, I'm one of the worshipers...

But it occurred to me today that there is one band that has a very blurred barrier. That is BOLT THROWER.

Now, arguably British death metal has it's roots with grind and punk, but Bolt Thrower display a lot of the properties that your average punker would spit on.

They are signed to a major label and they play metal. Aside from this in their early life they had a lot of ties with Games Workshop (I'm not ashamed to admit that this was how I discovered the band) giving them that edge of all the "Dungeons & Dragons" stuff, a demographic usually reserved for Dio, Hammerfall and so on. In recent times their albums and themes are about war. All these things, if done by an regular rocker would be shunned by when Bolt Thrower do it, it's almost revered.

The only reason I can really think of for this blur in the barriers is the same reason 'ar lad Kristoffer gave me when I mused upon why I hate almost all of the major traditional rock band yet love Thin Lizzy. "Because they are awesome!".

Sharez it fukko!