Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Usually I don't big up the bands that go out getting wasted and making twats of themselves - but hey, if you're gonna do it do it right!

The best ever excessive substance abusers!

DAVE MUSTAINE  - The man kicked out of Metallica for drinking too much. Now, these days it seems perfectly reasonable but back then....back then.... Metallica were known as ALCOHOLICA! They drank, and I mean they drank! With beer bottles all over the place and "more beer" plastered all over their instruments, back then Metallica were not the middle-aged moaning Napster-hating, top 10 ballad writing super-band that they are now. Nope, they were full-throttle thrash, heads down chugging and yelling and more importanly...drinking!

Dave Mustaine never got to have his face on an album - he was in the band for less than two years before getting his marching orders from the rest of the band for being a complete booze monster...what a guy!

He formed Megadeth and was awesome up until the point he decided to stop drinking and went shit.

SID BARRETT - Kicked out of Pink Floyd for taking too many drugs. That's like being kicked out of an orchestra for owning an instrument. This is the band that were the staple for every stoner from the 60s until...well, now!

Pink Floyd were once called "The Meggadeaths" - coincidence?  Legend says that one day the band just decided not to pick him up for a gig and then that was it.

PETE WILLIS - Now, you might not know this name eh? Well, he was in Def Leppard up until the mid 80s when he was booted out for...drinking too much! He played on the first two albums and was apparently drunk all the time, not even being able to pick up his guitar without falling over into a heap - well done that man!

Of course - his partner in crime Steve Clark who also liked the odd tipple got the sadder end of the stick when he died of alcohol related problems.

LEMMY - Basically the same story as Sid Barrett - kicked out of one of the worlds biggest druggy bands for being too big of a druggy - and what the fuck happened then eh!

Fuckin' Lemmy!

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