Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I dunno how many of you are gonna remember this, or these bands (or at least you'll know some of the newer ones I'd imagine).

You see, pre-death metal and pre-grunge, a little bit post-80s-punk there was a large THRASH METAL rising, it was kinda all there was. Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth ruled the world. Then Thrash started sprouting out from all over, you had such bands as ANNILATOR and VOIVOD from Canada, SEPULTURA from Brazil and so on - plus there was a healthy outlet of UK trash bands.

SLAMMER, TORANAGA, XENTRIX, LAWNMOWER DETH and the much bigged up here at the Elks, ACID REIGN.

These bands never reached as heady heights as their overseas friends but were ever part as important. And now someone has been clever enough to put together a nice documentary about the scene at the time, and it's continuation into modern day. These days you have EVILE, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE etc that is really a continuation of that scene - although these bands are too young to remember it all the first time round. Where did they get it from? Well ¤cough¤ you've got BFMV that were to start with influenced by such local bands as...umm, lets say my old band, Mr.Zippy(¤) - who took influence from the UK thrash bands of course. We used to frequently say that the punk scene at the time felt much like the UK thrash scene of the 80s-early 90s. So it's all handed down.

Anyway, very excited to see this when it's completed, for now here is the trailer!

(¤) - this is actually a fact believe it or not, BFMV supported us more than once in their early days and came to all our gigs when we were in town.

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