Monday, April 18, 2011


It was 2003 and I was on tour with Mr.Zippy for three months or so (yeah, we did that) and our Japanese friend Masa had heard about the tour and flew over from Nagoya to Clevedon to do the first few weeks with us - just for fun, he was cool like that.

We had a day off, and although I had planned on sitting on my ass with my hands down my pants watching Family Guy and eating chips, Masa had other ideas.

One of his favorite bands THE HAUNTED were playing in Cardiff, so - he wanted me to go take him over to see them, so that's what we did, my treat. It was at Clwb Ifor Bach so I knew that place well, and in we went.

The first band up was actually a band that I had recently bought the album of, DECEMBER - the album was called "The Lament Configuration" (sounds like an episode of The Big Bang Theory right?) I order you to find it. In 2003 they played kinda an early version of I guess what would be called Metalcore these days - back then it was just extreme hardcore with death screams - I managed to find this video:

Good stuff! Guess they vanished.

OK, so up next were they amazing STAMPIN' GROUND - and this is where the funny bit of my story comes in. Because I am kinda gig-weary and I know what the Welsh hardcore kids are like, so I put myself way back by the merch desk with my pint and stood and watched the action. Masa, my 5-stone Japanese friend on the other hand decided that he would charge down to the front and see how long he could hold on for. He managed all of December (the band, not the month - that's too long for a gig) and then came back to find me and dry off before heading back down to the front for Stampin' Ground.

It was during this song:

That the singer yelled out "WALL OF DEATH!!!". Ahh ha! Ok, this should be fun thinks me - a wall of death....wait hold on, Masa is in that pit! Does he know what a wall of death is? He didn't.

For those of you who need education on the matter the "wall of death" is an old hardcore dance move/crowd move where the audience parts in the middle and crushes to either side of the room, leaving the middle open and each side glaring at each other like something out of Lord Of The Rings. When the song into reaches it's apex...they charge!!!! All good fun except when this happened in Cardiff there was just one small Japanese kid left in the middle of the room looking very confused and very scared.

As the drums kicked in I watched as one would watch a car crash - the two sides clashes and he flew into the air and was tossed about on top of the audience for a while before vanishing...poor guy.

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