Monday, February 28, 2011


My moan today - remakes! Why remake a perfectly good film? In some cases we have seen some old classics be get revitalised, I for one like the new versions of Star Wars... and I really liked the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, but sometimes they remake films for just the totally pointless reasons.

The Grudge was akin to the 50s Godzilla, use the same film but stick an American as the central character, pointless? Yeah maybe I dunno, some people just hate subtitles right. Who am I to judge just because I have been blessed with the ability to read while watching a film at the same time.

REC - the fantastic Spanish horror movie (with quite possibly the best non-cut long scenes in ages) was basically remade shot for shot just with an American. Now that's pointless.

Just yesterday I watched the Uruguayan film THE SILENT HOUSE (La Casa Muda) from which was possibly the best horror film of 2010 - creepy, dark, jumpy (we screamed several times) and shot entirely in one long shot with one camera. Just amazing. This year we get the American version. Why?

Us Swedes or those who had become engrossed in the Steig Larsson books are probably waiting for the American version of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (Män Som Hatar Kvinnor in Swedish - "Men Who Hate Women"). Over here in Sweden we've been blessed with all three films already, featuring a perfect cast! Who could be better than Noomi Rapace as Salander.

Rooney Mara apparently. It's been said that (thankfully) they kept the film in Sweden but that the actors will speak with a Swedish dialect. That's just odd if you ask me.

And put my Hilter boots on. Death At A Funeral came out in 2007 and was a perfectly funny British film - remade in 2010 as an American movie with a 99% black cast. Is this because in the British version it's mostly white cast so someone got offended? Is it because they felt that white people and black people have a totally different sense of humor so they need their own version of films? I just don't get it. You know me, I like races to be equal, not segregated.

The same was done with the 2009 film "Obsessed". Which is basically Fatal Attraction.

Well, I'm off to make a version of Lord Of The Rings starring twigs I found. Elk out!

Friday, February 25, 2011


"Jim is my buddy my pal, he is my brother. I am one, he is the other".

When I say "lost" friends, I don't mean people who have died, just great friends that I once had that I have no idea where they went!

My friend Jim, Jim Taylor, James Taylor if you will - stuck by my side for a great time and then one day...vanished. I saw him once or twice but he was a different person, strange.

It was a time known as the late 90s, I was at college and I was playing in a 3-bit punk band called Yellowskin. Jim lived in the town next door and was your regular "rocker kid"...but he did have a van! So we became friends quite quickly and he became our driver. When the band broke up and all moved away just he and I remained.

He started moving from rock to punk, following what I did and starting to really get into all my late-90s punk politics too. Which was great because I had a friend, a partner! For a while we did everything together, he got dreads like me and when we went to clubs I would go in first and show my student ID, then back hand it to him and he would use the same one.

He even got me a cash-in-hand job de-shoeing and re-shoeing brake pads for trucks where he worked.

At my college and via a LAGWAGON gig in Newport I met another guy who we became friends with - American Dave. Who was (you guessed it) from America, although he was born in Surrey and his real name was Joseph. Anyway...ah, happy times.

Taking American Dave down to Southampton in the van, stopping at each service station to dye his hair in the toilets (first one to wash, second to bleach, next to wash off the bleach, next to put the blue dye on, next to wash it clean) - getting drunk and then him showing us "how it's done" in a night club. Which has hoping over the back of a sofa into a girl's lap, chating her up and then puking on her. Man, punk rock!

Trying to get into a NOFX gig in London using a friend's name that used to roadie for them and failing, then buying tickets for £80 a pop from a scalper.

In the end he decided to go to college, get educated like I was trying to do (I failed, I'm still trying now..). Miss ya Jim!

Elk out.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A band I came across this week that I demand you check out is the new 3-bit from Leeds, TREE OF SORES.

Fronted by one of my personal favorite vocalists of all time, Talia, formerly of Leeds hardcore band The Mingers.

Down-beat doomy crushing monsters that fans of bands like Fall Of Efrafa, Isis, Neurosis and the ilk are gonna love.

Check out the album and even download a bit - HERE

And I'm kind so you're gonna get link to a video that those of you with Facebook (or those that sneak onto their wife's to play Farmville ;).........) can see too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You know how it is, no buses come for ages and then three at once! Well, today I got dual packages of records!

First up I got this kick-ass SPAZM 151 CD from the man behind the napalm cannon aimed at Stureplan - 138.

Go check out his E-Store(¤) - HERE! You know it's nothing but the good stuff you want, need and possibly have white wee-wee dreams about. Can personally recommend the BOXED IN 7" - it's a pant-ripper! (¤ - That's "Electronic Store" - not a store where 138 sells E's, frankly that would be not only against the law but just far too 90s).

1000 punk points also for using this VECTORS LP as packaging -

I'm just not sure how I can out-punk that. Unless.....PUNK ROCK TEA PARTY WITH REAL CUPS!

Phew....still the master.

Aside from that I have also had returned to me all the left over LUCIEN (my band from 2004-2009) CDs from our old record company that were lying around in their warehouse being used as frisbees. Shame that we have so many left, I didn't think we were that bad of a band to be honest, it's quite a solid CD.

So - Now I have them laying around to trip over, so if anyone wants one, you can have it for FREE, I will send it to you where ever you are, I will just ask for postage - mail me at - GREGCARLPEARSON(atz)GMAIL(dotz)COM if you want one. I will also accept trades of any vinyl, books, fanzines, stickers, etc (for which you don't have to pay postage).

This was us - and me when I could still stand up and play guitar for more than 2 mins without having to have a little sit down and a cup of tea...


Henry Rollins, love him or hate him - I'm a fan of pretty much everything he does apart from his music, which I find honest at least....

Anyway, I just wanted to share this link with you all because I know a lot of you are music fanatics out there and will probably appreciate this.

If you don't already know, Rollins does a weekly radio show on KCRW which I guess you can listen to if you're in the area but as most of us are not you can download the entire archive of the shows...............

It's a great little show that plays a great range of music from punk to jazz, rock and soul - from rare versions of classics to obscure new favorites - has become a life saver on my MP3 player on those long cold walks to and back from school.

On that note...snow, cold, we get it, it's cold and snowy, please go away now.

Elk out.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I realise that I write about three of these posts a year but....the front page of the newspapers in Sweden this morning -


Well fuck me. really? Like right after winter and before summer, kind of around March time? Is this really news?

The situation in Egypt was pushed back to page 5 where as page 3-4 was a spread on how you can spot that Spring is on the way...

Apparently the snow melts, flowers bud and the birds, it gets a bit warmer. Shit the bed this is right from NASA stuff!

But bear with me....have I become Sweden-is-ized? I can't remember the film or TV show, but they produced a newspaper that only reported good news to make people happy, and after walking the few kilometers to school in -14 degrees weather I must say that this time round, that front page was all I needed to see!

And now....some winter fun! TRVE KVLT style!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here are some incredible pictures of Napalm Death "back in the day"(¤) Some amazing candid and rare action pics of the kings of grindcore - I'm really digging baby Shane Embury, he looks so cuddly! Mick in action is incredible and of course Bill (there is even a pic where Bill looks like me might be moving!!!) and Lee ripping it up!

(¤) I actually "nicked" these from Mick Harris' Facebook - but since they are publicly on the web anyway and since this is a worship to my fave band I hope I am excused! (If not Mick, I'll get rid of 'em btw!)

Friday, February 18, 2011


I was partaking in one of my favorite wind-up games on the internet yesterday - this game is called "point out and correct someone's grammatical and spelling mistakes over and over again". - it's a great game, all you do it correct someone in a cocky way and they usually reply with at least one then you correct them again. And the fun thing is that the more wound up they get, they more mistakes they tend to make, and so it goes on and on....

Anyway...the point is that at the end of this I was accused of being posh, rich, upper class etc. That's not the first time this has happened, so I wonder where these ideas come from?

Thing is, I know a lot about grammar etc simply because I do (regular readers of this blog will be the first to point out that I make a lot of mistakes in both grammar and spelling though!).

Yet I have no education in this - I left school at 15 with two GCSEs, an "F" in maths and a "C" in English.

Posh upper class, me?

Maybe because I also speak with quite a "posh" accent. I have no idea where my accent came from, really I shouldn't have it! Both my parents have Bristolian accents, I grew up in Cornwall, Bristol and North Somerset - I should not sound like I sound!

I grew up in Cornwall, in the 80s we moved to Bristol, which is one of England's roughest cities, and then to Clevedon - which is a run down dead-end seaside town. I was kicked out of home at 17 and lived in various squats, bedsits and half-way houses, I've never been rich but I've paid my own way since then.

Strange how the ability to talk and write is linked with being rich, posh and pampered....

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Why am I blogging? I should be studying! Got the week off this week but because I've been sick I'm doing all my bests to catch up with the school work.....Biology, Religion, Maths, History and Natural Sciences...

It might as well just be books and books and pages of drawings of monkeys for all the information that's coming from the pages to my brain - so much to catch up on and it's piling up!

Coupled with the fact that everything is in my second language - I mean, I might now how to talk about TV and beer in Swedish but when it's all about genes, genetics, research brain just needs....

...well, either to be bigger or killed with beer.

Study tips please!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today's post is something that I have been meaning to scribe about for a while....concept albums!

The concept album is as passé today as most rock bands should be, yet they do keep cropping up. It is the mark of a band with too much time and money, or a band trying to reach high above their own stations and disappearing up their own arseswitches.

Many bands THINK they are releasing concept albums....well let me put that one straight right now. Writing a bunch of songs around a theme is kind of in principal and theory a concept albums (by definition alone in fact) for example Motorhead's "1916" - but for me a concept album only cuts the cake if it's a long story from start to finish with the songs painting the scene as we go along.

Other just try too hard/not enough - for example MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE made a "concept album" with THE BLACK PARADE....anyone who has heard it that has also heard PINK FLOYD'S "THE WALL" will throw it at a passing tramp in disgust wondering if Roger Waters ever got paid for them basically covering the entire album and putting their name on it.

Some of my faves!


Beyond great - this was the staple of concept albums in the 70s. It's HG Well's famous story "War Of The Worlds" told via music. The album (on it's release) sold a g'jillion copies.

The story is painted via the tunes and narrated by Richard Burton who takes us through the story. Many guest stars of the day pop up to play certain roles and add tunes, notably David Essex, Phil Lynott and Justin Hayward (of Moody Blues). The LP came with a large booklet filled with illustrations of the story and the entire package scared the crap out of me as a kid - especially the first part which tells of the green gas shooting projectiles from Mars towards earth and the martians cry of "Uuuulllaaaaa!"


Rick Wakeman has released as many concept albums as you like - but this is the one that I like best, possibly just because we had it in the house when I was growing up. Like War Of The Worlds it comes with a big booklet full of pictures and of course tells the story of King Arthur in the most epic way since any Manowar record you have ever heard.

Those who do not know - he was the keyboard player in YES, but for me he's also the 5th member of BLACK SABBATH providing all the keyboards for them on their wanky albums.

Notably amazing for me is the music itself, which is flamboyant and self-indulgent yet WAY ahead of it's time. Find the tune "Merlin The Magician" on Spotify, whack it up loud and get taken away somewhere - it's more than music it's an attack of sound!

Rick played this whole album should such an album be played live? Well, with full costume! And actors acting out the scenes.....on ice!

Thinking I'm kidding?.....cocaine, s'one hell of a drug.


How can any rocker list concept albums and not give this slab a mention....Queensryche? Big hair, high pitched singing, wussy guitar solos and widdly bits...yup it's everything I usually hate but for some reason dammit I like this record!

What's it about? Well....umm, there is this bloke who is like, into drugs and stuff and then there is this revolution and like this nurse who is a nun and stuff and.....well to be fair I'm not sure and I'm quite sure not even Queensryche are sure but anyway it went super-platinum and the band have lived off it since then.

It's a good record though.


The daddy of all concept albums - and not just an album but a film that shows you the story of the album as it goes along.

"Pink" is a rock star that was family issues and life issues and loses it...there we go, saved you watching it. But watch it! It's a ride and a half, I'd recommend filling up the bowl before hand but then's as scary as it is compelling.

As I already said, My Chemical Romance ripped off most of the themes and even some of the tunes - just compare the opening tunes on both records:

... for their "Black Parade" album. They also ripped off pretty much every other concept album idea going back to the Beatles because....they are shit and have no imagination. The only people who like it are idiots who don't know any of what went before. n00bs.

....and there are more, please leave me your suggestions! Elk out.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Take an extremely extrovert homosexual from a European land.....

Mix with a man with a mustache and an overbite...

What do you get?

And that's right! From the first second I heard it I have been crying myself to sleep laughing - Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat, Bruno) will be playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming film about the band QUEEN.

Actually, a very good choice but put a mustache and spandex on the man and really....what do you have?

Can you imagine it (in a Borat voice)

..."Yat-samash! I a-Freddie Mercury, I like-a you, I like a-gay sex, iss nice! This my guitar player Brian May...

..he is number two astronomer in whole Kazakhstan...high five!"

But makes sense!

We look forward to it - Elk out.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Got to thinking this morning about how absolutley amazing the punk scene was in the UK when I was (well...not a nipper but a bit younger anyway) around 1997-2003 it was a living breathing world of wonder, no joke.

I can't tell you how it started, although I have documented a lot of it's rise and fall in my book "Second Place Heroes" which you can buy at ZOMBIE ATTACK (there is a link over to the left there ------> )

It was as if every little kid from every little place in the UK wanted in on it, like they looked round their small town as the only punk and said "there are no gigs here....I will fix it". So they found a place to put on gigs, be it a pub, an empty cellar, a house or whatever and started to attract bands, before long they had a movement...and this "web" spread out all over the UK.

I once spent THREE MONTHS on tour in the UK alone. That's around 50 different places we played mostly due to kids taking the initative and fixing something.

Fanzines, webzines, radio shows you name it, every kid was in on the action and y'know what, 99% of people were cool too. Like as in they hadn't just seen punk as a quick buck but they belived in it, they had the ethics and the lifestyle - you played for them, they fed you and put you up and you chatted to them and you shared your ideas, you met other bands, you made contacts, the web grew and grew - seemed like nothing could stop it.

From what I have heard this was the case in many other countries what went wrong?

I have several theories.

1 - was that with all the bands making their own money and supporting themselves the major labels swooped down. Many were plocked up and re-imaged. I was picked up, not fact we were so stubborn to our roots we wouldn't even make a music video, and so the label left us behind.

2 - TV - many TV channels opened and started playing our bands and friends alongside stuff like Green Day and Avril Lavatory, and where as in the start this did good for most bands it did turn them into "singles" bands where only one song (the hit!) was known and made them into the thing "for now" instead of a band to be followed.

3 - The changing tides. Styles changed, punk was all Green Day and Offspring, then it was all AFI and Vandals, then it was all Hardcore, then Emo, then Screamo....and we all know what happened there. As each band changed styles and new bands came that copied them, that copied them we got left with the black-fringe-eyeliner crowd who didn't know about an underground and, just like when Nirvana broke in 92, all the meatheads liked it too, scene gone.

So...when is it coming back? Right now I am noticing a yearning for it, especially in the UK with all the bands that used to be around now starting newer bands and trying for the same things again - will we have an uprising? I do not know.

I think the Blog is the new fanzine - and from there it's just for more and more people to look round their towns and think "what do I want here" and start a place for gigs, or a stop off point for traveling punks etc.

We watch, we wait, we will return! Elk out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Last time was a bit too easy! Here is 4 12"/LP, 2 10" and 2 7" records - a bit harder this away!


So, in the late 90s the Skate & Ride in Bristol starting having some great punk gigs - it was cool because they were "cashing in" on the whole pop-punk scene but at the same time staying away from it and staying "underground". A lot of great bands passed through and played at this little venue the size of a shoe box.

Me and my mate Jim used to go up when we could and check out the bands, there were always a great bunch of friends there and distros etc - oh and cheap beer! Nice.

Well, one weekend in 1998 he drove by my house ready to pick me up for the weekly punk gig but I had been working a lot that week and was totally tired out...

"Come on!" he said trying to lift me from the sofa.
"It's cool..." I said, I'm too tired, I'm just gonna stay in tonight and watch the football.
"But it's our weekly thing!"
"Yeah, and I have no money..."
"I'm driving and I'll pay!"
"Yeah but then I need beer..."
"I'll buy you beer too! Come on, get up off the sofa"
"Hmmm.....who's playing this week?"
"Some Swedish hardcore'll be cool"
"Is it Satanics?"
"Hmmm, no..."
"Not Breach?"
"No...not Breach...."
"It's not DS-13 is it? The bassist smells of wee"*
"'s this other band, they are meant to be awesome"
" go yourself, I'm just gonna watch the telly"

And so he went...on his own, and in a little sweaty room watch REFUSED play on their "Shape Of Punk To Come" tour. He brought me back the album...I wept.

*This part of the conversation actually didn't happen ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Quick check in...I'm still alive! Food is crap and I feel like a pin cushion. sleep!


OK - one last post before I go into hospital - influenced by the fun I have been having over on 138's blog.

Pictured are 6 records (excuse my terrible webcam quality), nothing totally obscure or rare - can you guess all 6?

That should give y'all something to do until next time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


No blogs for a few days now at least - I'm going into hospital for a blood transfusion.

See you all when I'm out!


So much Burzum in such a short time. As soon as I'd finished emptying my sack all over the BELUS album what should drop into my lap but a promo copy of the newest Burzum release FALLEN (out April 5th).

I can say that this really kicks in where BELUS left off and if you take the two albums together it's possibly the best thing to happen to the Black Metal (if you can even call it that) genre since Dead said "what if I put on some black and white make up?".

Melodic, even with "sung" anthemic bits akin to classic Bathory but with relentless screaming black metal bits like very early Burzum - the best bits of the old and new.

I personally was very impressed with the drumming. Burzum has always been a "one man" band and if I had one let down with Belus it was the programmed drums (at least they sound like they are, can't be 100%) but Fallen has real drums again! The Count can play!

Anyway - you should look forward to it.

Additionally - It has been taken up on this very blog and among many of my friends that Burzum is great musically yet hard to take in when you know Varg's personal veiws. Hmmm, I agree and don't, I do but....hmmmm.

It's a toughy - maybe I take this up in more detail in another post. I can listen to a Straight Edge band and not go edge, I can listen to (for example) Bad Brains or Matishayu and not turn Jewish or Rasta, or even take that into the music or at least take it for what it is. But I can't listen to Screwdriver, or Christian metal....but I can listen to Burzum....

Discuss. Elk out.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Started making a few "shredding for dummies" guitar lessons on youtubez - feel free to go looky if you like that kind of thing.


OK Facebook - you've gone a bit too far now with your "places" app.

For those who do not know, Facebook Places gives those of you with a mobile the chance to "check in " to certain places when you are there. Be it a pub, a shop, your job or home. It then publishes this information on your FB page.

Why don't they just come round my house and stick their cock through my letter box waiting for me to suck it.

I mean really, what could be more of an invasion of privacy, and of course a marketing "information gathering" device to see where you go and what you do.

....and now EVEN WORSE....your friends can "tag" you. So even if you don't participate in "places" your friends can tag you in a places post. Fuck off.


Depending on how well you guard your privacy on your profile - we can see when you're not at home. If you have an open profile anyone in the world can see when you are out and how far away you are from your house....time for a break in?

If you are a parent it would be possible to see when you are not with your kids. Feeding time for the Pied Piper!

Your stalkers can see where you are, go there and bum you.

I mean, what more does Facebook want to do now? how will Facebook of the future see?


250 metres from home, has just withdrawn 500:- from Storatorget SEB bankomat and put it in his left pocket. He is on his way to Wisers Pub. He is wearing Victory Shoes, Levi Jeans, a Slayer T-shirt and a H&M jacket, also Calvin Classic underwear. He has not showered today but is wearing 2.5dl of Axe Twist.

(and all the things would have links)

I'm looking for the "Next Facebook" When I find it expect links, no one comes round my house and pisses on my rug dude, it really ties the room together.

Elk out.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Just this to add to my post from a few days ago about the social differences in Sweden. It's ain't all that bad, there is a plus side.

For example, picked up a comic in the kid's section of my local store today....with this picture in it.



So I had a guy write to me from Mexico and tell me about Varg Burzum's crazy goings-on and he mentioned the film Global Metal. As I recall I started watching this a while ago on Youtube but as I had the day off I decided to find it and watch the whole thing.

Awesome little film/documentary made by the same fella that made "A Headbangers Journey", he's a good enough guy to make a film once you get past his Canadian accent..

"The thing aboot metal eh is it's not aboot where you come from eh or aboot your religion eh"

Anyway - great film with the usual line up of a metal movie, Max Cavelera tells us of Sepulturas early photoshoot secrets (gluing lines of AA batteries together to make "bullet belts") Megadeths's Marty Friedman as a Japanese variety show host (yes...that's what he does now...), Slayer, Lars Ulrich finally admits he was a bit hasty with the whole Napster thing (this alone is a film highlight), Bruce Dickinson chats about tea, biscuits, the Queen and Yorkshire Puddings (probably) and so on...

But my main interest was in the bands and fans from the more obscure countries - especially those that have religion (whether it be their own or forced apon them) affecting their band.

The bands from Israel talk about how the clash of religions in their land has really affected their world view and music - from those that embrace Islam* and Jewish thought into their music to those who speak out against religion - "We have anti-jewish songs, but we do not want to kill the Jews, just destroy the doctrine and way they want to destroy Islam".

Not allowed into Iran they speak to some Iraqi fans and musicians in Dubai about how it is nearly impossible to be a metal fan there - the same as a lot of countries have put a stop on Western globalisation taking over their country, and that includes the music.

*Islam gets a terrible bad rap these days, and yes I speak about it all the time on this blog. I do not promote or condone and religion but I do reccomend that all be educated in the "true" Islam, that it is a religion based in peace, family and wisdom and not a bunch of people running round blowing things up and wearing funny clothes - get educated!

Sharez it fukko!