Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If you could do whatever you liked and could rule the world with a click of your finger, how would you deal with situations that arise like the latest tragedy in Norway?

Anders Breivik - dressed up like a police man went out to a youth camp on an isolated island and shot and killed between 60 and 90 (depending on where you read the news).

This is not news of course, but I ask, how would YOU deal with it? I mean, he did what he did because he was a far-right Christian that was against the Islaminisation of Norway and of course the growing amount of immigrants of the Muslim persuasion.

Should all religion be banned? Should Islam be outlawed in certain countries? Should people like this be publicly hanged to show that intollerance is not an option?

I ponder.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Discharge - what a fucking awesome band. The fathers of the "D-Beat", the seed that birthed a million "Dis" bands and practically laid the blueprint down for political crust punks attitude and artwork.

But I wonder just what it is that makes Discharge so legendary, I mean, they are awesome, but only about 25% of their output has been so.

If we skip over the 7"s and EPs and look at their albums we have WHY? from 1981 and then HEAR NOTHING, SEE NOTHING, SAY NOTHING from 1982 - and that's where the good ended. In 1982. After two albums. Aside from a bunch of collections and compilations such as NEVER AGAIN.

And then the band took a huge swan dive - I can imagine that when GRAVE NEW WORLD came out in 1986, after a four-year wait for a new album that hardcore fans must have weeped like new born babies. The band had turned from hardcore D-beat to basically glam rock.

It was then not until 1991 they released something else with the album MASSACRE DIVINE - which I actually got upon release. It's a "sign of the times" album, it does sound a little like Discharge in places but is basically a heavy metal/thrash album which has about 3 or 4 good tunes on it before they start to use the same drum beat on every single song and it gets boring. This track however makes the album:

It wasn't the extreme return to glory that could have been expected, in 1993 SHOOTIN' UP THE WORLD popped out, a thrashy-metal album but a world obsessed with grunge and indie couldn't have cared less and it slipped to the wayside.

And so onto 2002 when the band "reformed" again and recorded a new album, which was actually a good return to original form although not followed up 100% as vocalist Cal hopped off from any live dates and was replaced by Rat from Varukers.

So, it's a good way to build up a legend when in reality only two of seven albums they have released were really "Discharge". Not a dis (pardon the pun) but I think a reflection of how images and media and hearsay can actually influence our opinions, even in the so-called free thinking and alternative world.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


...and of course "yes" would have probably been the better option.

Amy Winehouse, found dead yesterday - many say drugs, are we shocked? No. Neil Young said "every junkie's like the setting sun" - we all know, especially us that grew up in an 80s UK where Zammo told us "just say no" that if we do loads of drugs, we die.

Sympathy? Nope, not me. Regret, yup, that it was her and not fucking Pete Docherty - I hope he's next.

Why we idolise those wrecked and wasted I don't know - time to stop and see the truth maybe.

Friday, July 22, 2011


The more I listen to the new AMEBIX song "Knights Of The Black Sun" the more I realise just how awesome it is - OK, so it's a bit of a long throw from the Amebix I know it?

Amebix were one of the first bands I got to know in the punk world, they were based in the Bristol area with members from Clevedon (my home town) and friends with DISORDER who were also from Clevedon/Bristol.

My guitar teacher at school hated that all we wanted to learn was thrash metal and insisted that we listen to more punk, so recorded for me the "No Sanctuary" mini-lp. Possibly in my opinion the best Amebix work.

It was this song that hooked me:

I can remember even playing it to my brother in Angelfuck, Matt on the day we met, saying that it sounded like a more primitive BATHORY - which if you think about it, isn't so far off from accurate.

So the new Amebix song sounds more like Pink Floyd than Bathory but it's building sonic soundscape of awesomeness - with a pretty incredible video - have a look of course:

The new album comes out in September - I think I'll pre-order it on vinyl just to be sure, and of course will report if it's a smash or a throw away - but I'm quite sure I won't be let down - check out a studio report here:

Thursday, July 21, 2011


A while back I wrote a post about how I hate that some people are ...a little uneducated and need to connect dreadlocks (and the fact that I have them) with Rastafarian.

And more so, to connect Rastafarian with pot smoking and Bob Marley.

I got some interesting comments and pf course it is these I will now take up - race of course is a common theme here at The Elk, because I fucking hate people that need to bring up rules and differences based on skin colour.

Apparently, I am not allowed to have them because I am a spoilt little white kid rebelling against my parents and not a black rasta.

So, lets delve into this a little bit:

Rasta, started in the 30s.

Celts - believed that dreadlocks gave them strength in battle and believed in a fairy that came and put the "knots" in their hair. Celts....from around 1200 BC. So who came first?

Now, that's given that a stab in the ass - and who the fuck says "this hair is for whites, this hair is for blacks" that's just blind racism - I do not have "rasta" dreadlocks, I have "celtic" dreadlocks. With that mentality black people should not wears clothes and shoes and t-shirts designed and made by white people, none of them should be any other religion and so on and so on - stupid, stupid, stupid racism.

So lets just STFU shall we =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Since I decided to try and be a bit of a sell out and have adverts on my blog I have noticed that, even though I chose to have adverts that relate to what I write about and stuff that actually y'know isn't a bunch of shite - it's not often that it happens!

I was pleased to see an advert for the new TOXIC HOLOCAUST album - that's a band I do think are awesome!

Went for a little stroll around Gothenburg yesterday - ended up wandering into a small record shop and finding a goldmine of vinyl - both used and new, really sad I didn't have enough cash to buy even one record - since both record stores in Borås closed down within a few months of each other I do miss the chance to go buy a new slab of wax once in a while.

Think I'm going to start searching online - happy to see that my regular store when I lived in Stockholm REPULSIVE RECORDS are still operating as an online store:

Checkout RESPULSIVE.SE - pretty cool stuff!

Anyone with tips for more places to buy vinyl online? Very welcome!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


While going through all my boxes of stuff in the move I've come across all my old fanzines and demo tapes - and am reminded that I have about 10 times as many in my parents loft in England.

Fuck I miss the fanzine and tape trading underground - I miss the contact with people and the genuine push just to share music and ideas with people more than try and just be the biggest and best band.

If anyone has any good links where tape and fanzine trade is still alive and well...please post them in the comments below!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Since birth, until the day I moved away from the UK to Sweden I have had cats in my life - and miss them very much.

I have always wanted to get some feline friends again but circumstances have not really been to my advantage, either not living in a good place or living with people with allergies's not been possible.

But now, now me and Mrs.Elk have moved in together it was time. We looked round and found many kittens for sale or give away - but we settled on a couple of cats that were one year old and already house-trained that needed a new home.

We decided ages ago that if we got cats we would call them "Fenriz" (of course after DARKTHRONE, one of our common loves) and the other Faust. But after we both really got into the band COVEN we changed our mind to "Jinx" after Jinx Dawson, Coven's singer.

Pretty awesome - now it's just to make a Facebook photo album and put up loads of pics that no one else apart from me really wants to see.



Thursday, July 14, 2011

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 full movie

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, only joking. I'm drunk and want more hits to my blog...but while you're here - click on an advert! It's the difference between food or no food for me!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Had a great mail last week from a guy in Poland wishing to trade a few CRYPT OF THE ZOMBILORD demos for something on his trades list - very happy to do so of course!

Ended up getting these two aces tapes in the post - VOMIKAUST "FILTH" from Florida and a split with EVILIZED from Chile and NECROFAGORE from Peru - fucking awesome stuff just to get some tape trades like it was "back in the day" again!

Have another listen to VOMIKAUST - it's all good!


Since I have moved to Druvefors, I have been doing all of my supermarket needs at ICA MAXI right here, it's a big supermarket like any other.

Except for one difference - it's inhabited by an army of alternative types. Every and I mean EVERY time I go there I see people with long hair, dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings and all the rest - even old people, and not so many "T-Shirt rockers" but genuine free-thinking alternative punks and rockers that I have never seen before in town, and in abundance!

Wonder where they all come from?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


As most of the music world knows, today Würzel - best known for being in MOTORHEAD died aged 61. Cause of death is still unknown.

Not only was he a legend in Motorhead but also was in this band: DISGUST

Playing some awesome D-Beat together with members of Extreme Noise Terror. The owner of Golf Records, Steve Beatty was in the band on bass for a while (my old band were on Golf) and he told us many great stories of working together with the man - he said that the first time they met it was 10am on the platform of Temple Meads train station in Bristol. Würzel was drinking a can of 9.2% special brew and smoking a spliff that would shame Bob Marley. Working with Lemmy had obviously rubbed off a bit!

RIP Würzel - this year claims another one!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm not into all that spooky-wooky ghosty hippy flumity stuff. But sometimes you have to just question a few things.

If I go by Chinese Astrology my sign is that of the Rabbit - which all I've read about is pretty accurate. And well, I've always been fascinated by the book/film Watership Down and the rabbit Mythology in that too.

Well, every time I move apartments - I see a rabbit, or a hare. It first started the time I moved to Stockholm and got lost on the way home. A hare appeared in the snow and ran off a bit and waited for me, I followed it and in ran off a bit more and waited for me...this carried on until it led me to my door. Spooky odd.

Ever since then, every time I move I see a rabbit, after a day or so, right by the new apartment, it's happened EVERY time.

So I have just moved again, but for the first time I have moved in together with Mrs.Elk, we both moved from our apartments and got one together. After a few days I opened the front door to see....two rabbits. Mating right there on the grass a meter or so from me. I was not surprised. Frith watches over.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today I was walking home over the lovely bridge that goes over a lovely lake with a little waterfall type thingy and witnessed some young chav-like....I can only use the word "skank" finish her can of coke and then toss the empty can directly into the water.

This is something that I have noticed when it comes to trash...rubbish on the street. Next time you see some, what is it?

It's ALWAYS something that would come from a trashy person, not to say these things make you trashy (god knows I consume enough of them myself) but you'll see what I mean.

It's always, a cigarette packet, or a coke can, or a beer can, or chocolate wrapper, or McDonalds (or some other fast food) wrapper...right? It's always something that trash consume and then throw away. There is certainly a connection between people who consume these things and those who throw shit on the floor without thought.

You never see like...anything else!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I had the BEST seats for this awesome home on my sofa watching it on the TV. It was the best way. Seriously ha ha, fuck going and standing out in a stadium for 8 odd hours just to probably only be able to see the bands up on the TV screens anyway, paying stupid prices for food and beer, waiting in line and forget taking a piss!

Much better to sit on the sofa with Mrs.Elk and enjoy with some cakes and beer. To only drawback was the fucking idiotic ramblings of the people introducing the bands and talking between the sets, giving it the air of a sports event. Not only blurting out  incorrect facts but also stuff like, appearing at the back of the stadium maybe 2 mins after Megadeth left the stage and then showing an interview with the same presenter and Dave Ellefson "straight off the stage" which was about 6 mins long....very strange. But anyway....

So - lets start - first up was ANTHRAX - the only band of the Big 4 that I have never seen live myself and hate that I have not! As soon as they were unleashed onto the stage the kicked off with "Caught In a Mosh" and (me that is a bit behind with Anthrax) didn't recognise either of the guitar players - but wait, Scott Ian (who was home with a new born child) had been replaced with none other than Andreas Kisser from SEPULTURA - nice job too!

They stuck mostly to old classics, Indians, I Am The Law, Madhouse, playing one song from the John Bush era "Only" (my personal fave) and newey "Fight 'Em Until You Can't" - Joey Belladona's voice was top form, can't quite reach the high notes like he used to but he's still on form! Frank Bello running around like he was onstage in Hammersmith in the 80s still. A top class show!

Next up was MEGADETH - a band I have seen how many times live as you like. Not the best show. I haven't really paid much attention to MEGADETH for many years now, I kind of lost interest when they started popping up in the charts with Symphony Of Destruction and Sweating Bullets etc. They delivered a solid set with songs such as Hangar 18, Holy Wars, In My Darkest Hour, Peace Sells and more.

Dave Mustaine sounded like he really should have taken a shit before he went on stage, whinging out his vocals with the minimum of effort. Megadeth's widdly-widdly hour-long-solos are great if you like that sort of thing but for me I like a bit more thrash and bit less "look what I can do! - Widdlywiddlywiddlyweeeee!".

But all is saved, up next were SLAYER!!!!

Jeff was at home having his flesh eaten by some tropical disease so in his place, Gary Holt from EXODUS - not a bad choice. The recent times I have seen Slayer (the first time being in 1989) they have given me the impression of being old and losing a lot of their power and energetic delivery - not this show! Even Mrs.Elk who has forever said that she can't get into Slayer loved every song and took "Reign In Blood" with her to work today.

What can you expect from Slayer - on form! Brutal thrash of the best kind, South Of Heaven, Angel Of Death, Mandatory Suicide....get in! An awesome performance.

After a super-long wait we finally got METALLICA - the one band from the thrash days that have really broken out and become mega-stars, I think that's safe to say.

James Hetfield decked out in a GHOST t-shirt. Since Rob joined them on bass they have really become another monster - Hardly any songs that were not on the first four albums

Kicking off with Hit The Lights and following up with Master Of Puppets, what a start! We got One, Sanatarium, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Ride The Lightning, a surprise with Call Of Kthulu, Seek & Destroy, Blackened - fuck yeah! They did slip out with Memory Remains and of course Enter Sandman....never mind.

Bringing members from the other bands up on stage for the encore they gave us Am I Evil, Creeping Death and Damage Inc - not bad at all, not bad at all! I think Metallica have realised that they have so many fucking great "old" songs that people would much rather hear and they rage through them with the energy they deserve. Good call.

And then, I went the few metres to my bed, nice!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I heard that the way this gig was set up was that someone posted a Facebook event asking if 300 people would be willing to pay for a ticket to go see BLOOD FOR BLOOD in Gothenburg.

It worked and so the band were on - only 300 tickets sold, a very small intimate gig.

Was I gonna miss it? Hell no! And so off we went. Opening band ANGERS CURSE were pretty right on, old skool youth-crew style hardcore, think Youth Of Today/Minor Threat - great stuff.

A very long wait before Blood For Blood came onto the stage but as soon as they did the place exploded in flying bodies. B4B were, of course amazing - my only complaint was that some songs were missing from the set. Cheap Wine, White Trash Anthem and So Common So Cheap didn't see the show, Wasted Youth Crew however did, so of course not all bad.

An awesome intimate show - a band that I've wanted to see for a very long time. Had a chance to chat to Eric Buddha afterwards for a while, a really top guy.

Excuse the terrible quality of the pics!

Sharez it fukko!