Thursday, September 29, 2011


This should be fun! COTZ's first out of town show and with a band from the US on Southern Lord. I'm back to the youthful old skool so these kind of things excite me.

Check out ACEPHALIX! They MASH!(¤)

You might wanna get there a bit earlier and check out the handsome support band too.

Go looky the Facebook event HERE. Be there or be a four-sided regular polygon with all sides equal and all internal angles at 90 degrees.

(¤)MASH - it's my new word for MOSH and THRASH, get involved!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


After forming in the mid-90s and shitting out a bunch of material the band Angelfuck finally have a release of all their stuff that you can pick up!

Let's back up a bit - It's about 15 years ago I guess and myself and my buddy Matt are hanging out almost every night drinking beers in his attic listening to records and we decide it's time to get something recorded. We start off as the band "Sandpaper" demoing a few tracks of sort of post-punk-sludgy stuff before deciding to change what we were doing totally and play crusty grindcore in the form of the band Angelfuck. I played the drums and did some vocals while Matt played the guitar and did the other vocals. I recorded the bass afterwards and bish-bash-bosh, demo! Called "Neurosporasapien - Ways Of The Rotting Kind" (listen to Carcass much?)

We made a demo and started trading and sending it around, made a few contacts, got on a few comps and then I ended up playing in Mr.Zippy that took my time away from Angelfuck.

It wasn't until around two years later we got together again to do another one. "Dead Devil Doll" that was leaned more towards death metal and blasts but still crusty as hell.

Matt carried on after I moved to Sweden and recorded "Maggot Nation" himself and occasionally hired in additional musicians for "Mortuary Wedding" (not a song over 30 seconds), "Country Of The Free" and "Expendable", with myself popping back to help out on "Country Of The Blind".

So anyway - Dark Meadow has now released a 46-song collection featuring everything called "Corpse Grinding Sewer Metal".

Metal Hammer magazine described Angelfuck as: "As near to the sound of a power plant exploding as music could ever get. Unambiguously styled upon early Carcass, Napalm Death and Discharge, we wouldn't be surprised to see these guys' smiling faces staring at us from an article about church burning/dismemberment/granny desecration. Brutally inaudible metal."

Dark Meadow describe Angelfuck as: Bass driven Lo-Fi that many bands needed to lose to enjoy higher success. Really roars in various ways with aggressive guitars, noise and heavy bass. Loud enough to break the speakers.

Go have a looky at the release HERE and check out Angelfuck HERE or HERE.


It's all about the zombies, you guys know that. When we're not preparing the unavoidable zombie apocalypse we're studying the movies and the facts.

Well, this weekend was the first gig with my new bunch (or not "my" but the group I am one third of) Crypt Of The Zombilord - it seemed just natural to approach the stage as zombies. Gimmicks I am not one for, but you can't go wrong with a zombie screaming at you!

So here are a few pics of the test runs:

As you see the end result was pretty cool! The problem is trying to re-create this on stage with limited time and only the toilets to help us out! Luckily we had Mrs.Elk and Lil' Sis Elk to help out!

As you see Lil' Sis Elk joined in with the zombie fun. Only a few fuzzy pics from the night so far.

Although it does seem like COTZ have already got a bit of attention and are being considered for an appearance in the upcoming Swedish TV comedy/horror Den Sista Docusåpan (The Last Docu-Soap) which is the Swedish version of the English show Dead Set. Maybe it happens, maybe we don't do it, let's see!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Have always been a bit of a St.Vitus fan - I mean the band are awesome like a blend of Black Flag and Black Sabbath - no surprise as they were essentially a stone rock band that got in with the Black Flag crew. Singer Scott "Wino" started off with The Obsessed that both Henry Rollins and Ian McKaye were big fans of, again we're talking about the same stuff, doom rock with a punk attitude.

Scott Wino of course being responsible for stints in and leading Spirit Caravan, Hidden Hand, Palace Of Skulls, Probot, The Mentors, Shrinebuilder and more recently Preminition 13.

Just got a hold of his solo album "Punctuated Equilibrium" you need to hear it!

St Vitus have been getting back together and doing gigs, they have been promising a new album since 2010 but nothing more has been said on the subject - we can all but hope as live the band are sounding just awesome at the moment! Check out this live clip from last year.

But the "big" news among doom fans is that The Obsessed will be getting back together next year kicking off at the Roadburn Festival - good stuff, WIno is like Lemmy, he just won't die!

Check out this documentary on the history of the band - yes , it's a music documentary that has something a little bit to do with punk so Rollins shows up of course!

In other news, got an email from Rob Miller (Amebix) yesterday - an interview about the new album SONIC MASS will be up soon - if anybody has any questions they would like me to direct to the band - leave me a comment here!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


...It's just not working out. We tried our best, we had a good run and have some great times together but I think we should spend some time apart.

It's not you, it's me. I still love you, I'll see you around but I can't be with you anymore. I hope you find someone else.

Friday, September 23, 2011


It's the first HELLOFAKVÄLL for over a year - was always good fun!

Tomorrow we've got OTIS which are an awesome hardcore punk band from The Netherlands that have played together with the likes of FUCKED UP, JELLO BIAFRA, NOMEANSNO, DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN and more.

And as a rare treat my own band CRYPT OF THE ZOMBILORD will be making their debut thrashings.

Facebook event HERE

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We should all know the deal by now, legendary band AMEBIX have gotten back together and recorded their first album since 1786, SONIC MASS.

I'll just come right out and say that I am a huge fan, and have been since the 80s yet (sadly) I personally believe that the legend and patch-wearing-yet-never-heard-the-band status of Amebix actually outweighs the band itself at times. Now, I have read a few reviews of the new album (due out tomorrow) and so far it seems like everyone is divided, there is the "this isn't Amebix" side and the rest is bending over on all fours ready to get bummed by Amebix and writing these long in-depth almost pretentious reviews of the dark and lonely pagan souls of the kings of crust, most reviews read more like a school essay than a record review.

Tish! Thought I. that I've heard the album and....I get it, and I'm sorry but this review won't really be any different. So on the eve of one of the most anticipated punk records this century - let's 'ave it!

So, lets start off with a little background. I first heard Amebix sometime in the late 80s way back when me, Kajagoogoo and two of the three Bros brothers were at school. It was a few years after I guess they had broken up when my guitar teacher at school got sick of me always bringing in thrash metal and death metal tapes to learn and thought it was time I got into some punk. He chose an album for me to absorb: Amebix - No Sanctuary as he'd apparently made a video for the song "Control". I've never seen this video and have no idea if it's true or if he just made it up. Anyway, the album (EP) was something else, very different to everything I had been listening to before. It actually reminded me a lot of "Blood Fire Death" era BATHORY and maybe VENOM more than what I though a punk band should sound like, but the strange warp-like discordant guitars and the tribal drums made it a real experience. This wasn't your average "punk". The lyrics spoke to me too, I really could understand this band and what they were saying, of course, like me they are born in the Devon/Cornwall area, lived in Bristol and have connections to Clevedon, and I guess we'd fill out the same age bracket on forms so it's not surprising. I didn't know any of that then mind you.

So...I continued to love the band, getting their other albums and absorbing them. Arise, Monolith, the odd bootlegged tape in the mail etc. So, fast forward to now and they have got a real cult status, people read very deeply into the band, maybe more than they should, or....I don't know, If I as a kid could feel how a band could "connect" with me then, why not.

Amebix, aka Rob and Stig Miller plus new boy all-star drummer Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Shelter, Nausea, Sepultura, Stone Sour and more) reformed a few years back and were off playing again, wowing audiences young and old.

A new album was in the pipeline and the buzz started around the internetz. Sonic Mass was on the way. We got the single "Knights Of The Black Sun" with it's dreamy video and the punk world went...."huh?". Amebix divided opinions with the sword that was that video/song and drove it in hard,

And so is the same with Sonic Mass, on one side we have the patch-wearing-trve-crust that are saying Amebix have "sold out" and are no longer Amebix. Well to them I stand on the arse-licking side and say that they never got Amebix in the first place. They wear the patch and love the logo but never really "got" the band, possibly has an album tucked away somewhere just in case anyone comes round and checks, but it's still in the plastic wrapper - they expected an album of generic crust punk. Nopes. But go back and listen to the albums, are any of them really "crust" as we know it? Undoubtedly the basis and inspiration behind many but not crust as it has been defined these days. Amebix were always flirting with metal and that tribal blast and other influences from another place than the rest of the accepted, really Sonic Mass is no different, just better produced.

Amebix ARE dark and involved and have a lot of imagery and poetry in their music, they were always about soundscapes and painting with music. It's just they never had the tech to do it like this before.

The album kicks off with "Days" a mellow acoustic/orchestral track when Baron actually SINGS, right off the bat it sounds different, but it something is coming, and then it kicks off with "Shield Wall" which is a bass-heavy double-bass-drum chuggy attack. Like a blast from Arise or Monolith but with tight production which leads into "The Messenger" which is our first "real" track, chuggy, heavy, almost industrial with synth and all. This is obviously where a lot of people are getting the lazy comparisons to Killing Joke from. The super-treat that will please even the crustiest of the crust elite is "God Of The Grain" a fucking full-blown rocking, stomping attack with monster riffs that would shame most of the best.

But then for me it goes a bit downhill with "Visitation" which I just can't get into, it's a slow-paced churner with spoken lyrics, feels like a filler. I guess it's part of the overall "story" of the album but I don't get it yet. Not for me, sorry chaps. Not yet anyway, every other Amebix album I've heard has been a "grower" so maybe in the future. But then comes the sweet and sour of Sonic Mass pt1 and pt2, starting with acoustic loveliness (anyone slaying Amebix for flirting with acoustic guitars etc I point you towards "Sunshine Ward", they've always been doing it) pt2 is back off again with it's slaying riffage by now we're starting to see a bit of a pattern in the songs, mostly "chuggy E......Rob shouts, anthemic chorus, chuggy E" but that's kind of how Amebix always were right?

Then it goes right off in another direction with "Here Comes The Wolf" which has the same riff as Face To Face's "I Won't Lie Down", it's almost pop-punk, so there goes the chuggy E theory. "The One" gets us back on track with a fuck-you-up-before-breakfast heads-down mid section that I defy any metal head not to start playing air guitar and head banging to,  before the single "Knights Of The Black Sun" which most of us have heard before now, the Pink Floyd-esque journey.

Was it worth the hype? Well, like punk should really be it's open to interpretation and how you see it. As an older guy now I appreciate all of it and see it as Amebix should sound in 2011, possibly how they would sound if they had never broken up and just carried on. I feel like my tastes since I first heard them back in the 80s have evolved and Amebix have kindly evolved beside me. It is a journey, it is an experience, it is dark and it is mythical, yet it's also heavy and destructive and blasts through you - it's an Amebix album with guts and production just as I'm sure they always would have made, if they went back and re-recorded their older albums at the same studio with their age and experience now it would sound like Sonic Mass, in fact if we listen to last year's Redux 12" (a re-recording of older Amebix tracks) then you're not far off.

So - SONIC MASS, one of the best albums this decade. REJOYCE, THE GREAT GOD CRUST ISN'T DEAD!


Dear Facebook - why don't you just slap a fucking giant cock and balls all over your fucking site - STOP FUCKING ABOUT WITH IT! Like my mum said, if you keep playing with'll fall off!

 Darth Vader 
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Emelie Olsson
 ·  · 24 minutes ago ·

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Justin Arnold

Justin Arnold ‎(╯°□°)╯︵ [FB] TO HELL WITH THIS NEW FACEBOOK

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There are many more just like this get the point. When will they?

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