Monday, October 31, 2011


A favorite new band every week/day I know but this week it's the band ISKRA that have really dug their nails into my legs and hung on - just amazingly awesome stuff!

A lot of really good stuff comes out of Canada, SNFU, Nomeansno, Rush, Anvil....

And now Iskra, the band (who's name means "spark" in Russian) claim themselves an anarchist, thrash, black metal project - and yup, that just about covers it!

Thrashy, D-beat played at a black metal pace with BM feeling all over it - great stuff! But of course we skip all the lyrics about satan and being evil.

I can recommend to go visit their website which has all their many releases available for streaming or downloading so you too can enjoy Iskra!


Saturday, October 29, 2011


The times are a changin' and I am dead glad - glad because all that glam rock revival seems to be moving on and behind us.....thank fuck for that!

And what's the new thing? Seems to be metal and thrash! And that's cool with me - saw a really cool young band last night called DAGGER DEATH - impressed me for such young guys, like, at school, possibly not old enough to by cigarettes in Demark young. (¤)

Played a pretty brutal thrash metal style that reminded me of DESTRUCTION or early SODOM - lots of potential and makes me happy that bands like these are still forming!

Go looky!

(¤) Actually they just told me that they are between 16 and 19....but I liked my imaginary version better.


A great band from Luxemburg found it's way to me - DIVINE SPARK. Forming just a short few years back and already playing with the likes of Fleas And Lice, Oi Polloi, Mad Sin and Fredag Den 13.e.

Divine Spark got me from the start - a brooding intro kicked into a great mix reminding me of the "Ruins" era INTENSITY, TRAGEDY and a bit of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (Give Up The Ghost).

There are worse things you can do today than go check them out -

And if you want an album, well then it's just to stop of at -

Thursday, October 27, 2011


You know I love to jump in and rummage around in music - I can never find enough to consume. Now I'd heard the band Hellish Crossfire and while reading the Metalion book I noticed a review in one of his early 'zines of an album called "Hellish Crossfire" by the band Iron Angel.


Look at them! Standing in their living room with their guitars threatening the postman as he walks up the driveway.

Anyway, don't look at them, just check out the album cover.

It's like a girl with wings in a short skirt that forgot her top hanging out with Conan while he threatens the little brother of the dragon from the Dungeons & Dragons game box who is best mates with Fungus the Bogeyman. Now you KNOW that's gonna be good!

Now this German bunch recorded 4 albums between 1984 and 1986 (two albums out in 1985...that's how metal bands did it in the 80s!) then broke up, getting back together to have another go but not quite making it, despite being joined by Jurgen Blackmore (son of...).

Certainly the blueprint for a lot of "satannikk-blakk-thrash" bands these days.

Go appreciate!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Things I would lie to see in THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 2...

Things I don't want, need or wish to sit through while waiting for any of the above:

Just putting that out there...


I had my club where I DJ a few months back and while asking my "public" for songs they would like to hear, a friend of mine (Andy) who has very good music taste requested a band called KVELERTAK. I listened to the band and, this is really good!

Then...within the space of weeks they were EVERYWHERE! Plugs, blogs, people's Facebooks, magazines, everything. Seems these Norwegians just exploded!

Thing my knowledge they did it before they "actually did it" if that makes sense?

Ages ago Mrs.Elk got excited as Toxic Holocaust were playing near us....thing is they are the support band to Kvelertak, and this was booked before I had heard about the band. My question - how does a new band with only a fresh debut album and one demo before that elevate to that level before they have had the chance?

Now you are all free to correct me and tell me that I am wrong (and for the record I think they are a great band!) but it seems like someone somewhere decided that they were big and awesome and the rest of the world followed.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You should all know by now my weak spot for AMEBIX - in fact I think along with Acid Reign, Carcass and Bolt Thrower they are one of the bands featured the most times here! (I swear that soon I'll move onto my fave bands that begin with "D", "E" and "F").

I was quite lucky to have the guys read my recent review of their outstanding new album SONIC MASS and managed to pin down bass-abuser, throat-user and Norton-cruiser Rob "Baron" Miller with one of his own swords and agree to an interview.

Sonic Mass revealed, a bit behind the scenes of the reformation, ghostly visitations in the night and Rob's next project - a trilogy in three parts, in D-Minor.

AMEBIX originally hadn't thought of reforming. From what I can make out from reading around it all started off with reissuing the albums, and then the DVD "Risen" - and "Redux" was originally going to just some bonus tracks on the Risen DVD ......and that led to Roy getting in the band,  a tour and a new album. How did this "evolve"?

I met Roy Wallace when he visited Skye to interview me for 'The Day the Country died' and that led to a conversation about Amebix and the material that I had collected. So i contacted Stig to get his old scraps and photos and made a couple of journeys down to Antrim to help out with the editing. It was really only when it was almost done that the suggestion came about that it should have a definite end, maybe some of the songs done today, 20 years on. I was very reluctant initially but things conspired to change that. I had made an attempt to contact Roy Mayorga as a mutual friend had suggested some time ago that we get in touch. She,meanwhile had been having a few big problems including hurricane Katrina, so was unable to contact me with Roys number until literally the day I returned from Antrimn with this bee in the bonnet, so i took the hint and phoned Roy to ask him if he would like to help us record some old songs to finish this project,thats how it began.The problem was that it all went too well,and we ended up sort of looking askance at what we did and thinking hmmmmm...where does this lead.

Since the break up of the band in the late 80s Amebix have enjoyed a level of iconic status which encompasses not only the music but a philosophy/way of life - although you say yourselves that Amebix were never so much appreciated when you were together.  Do you think Amebix the logo and the artwork have reached more people than the music itself?

Maybe so. From our point of view there wasn't much interest back in the day, maybe its like the Misfits, the majority of their sales comes from that one shirt design. Fuck knows how many people have actually listened to the band.

With that in mind why do you think Amebix took off so much "posthumously"?

Everybody loves you when you're dead,wasn't that a Stranglers song? I dont know, I think we succesfully ticked all the boxes for 'cult' - poverty, unrecognised, drugs,  madness and magick, a sense of mystique and intrigue. There was so little information available before the Internet, whereas bands like Crass or Discharge were pretty well documented Amebix slipped between the pages.

Obviously the reformation was appreciated, playing sold out shows all over the US. Would you say that if you ever were going to reform that now was a good time to do so than say if you had done it in the middle of the grunge explosion or another time?

Well, I wouldn't look at it from an opprotunistic angle as I have a 'real' job as well, but maybe this late is not ideal as there are two generations who have absolutely no idea who we are. To demonstrate, I was recently asked by the singer of a well known band if we would like to tour in the future, he was excited about that and asked his 'band' if they would be into supporting Amebix on tour, response....'who?? Hahah its also amusing to see the album reviewed alongside the big hitters like Mastodon and Opeth and Machine Head, yet almost no comments apart from the 'sounds like a breakfast cereal' type. So nah, maybe not the best time, but the music is not about convenience or scheduling, this was the time.

Of course I want to open up your head and poke around in your mind a little about Sonic Mass. Now to make an album that is a "grower" rather than an instant hit is something you have managed to do with every Amebix album. I wouldn't say any of them were "hard" to listen to but they are certainly almost layered, subtle and can need a closer examination in order to appreciate - why is this? It can't be something you do consciously, can it?

Consciously no, but I do think that if you are really passionate about what you do then you will seed ideas within it, a quality that is almost numinous. On one level we have attempted to make this a rich and engaging work but also the importance of the lyrical journey is what gives it a depth for the listener, these ideas are perrenial not temporal so it is something you can return to again and again and get a new experience from.

After all the time apart you've managed to create something with Sonic Mass that is basically an Amebix album like before but with much better production. Your tastes and influences must have changed over these years. Is the Amebix sound just in your blood? You write something and it just comes out like that? Or did you knowingly go for that sound?

I think Stig and I tend to have a particular mode of expression, also being siblings its kind of weird that we understand the same things and try to manifest the same type of ideas. To be totally honest we didn't start off with any ideas about how to make an 'Amebix' record, we just wanted to go with the flow and see what arrived. I feel much more that we have just done our job and interpreted the stuff that was given to us, in our own way, just being open to ideas and to hell with anyones expectations.

I want to know more about the story of Sonic Mass, the album itself. Would you say that it was a concept album on the whole?

Ah,the 'C' word again, not in the sense of  a jazz rock odyssey type 70s debauch, no, but there is a theme. It is a journey - from the ideas of the past into some metaphysical concepts and into the dark centre on Visitation. A look at history and man's place in that and the eventual revelation of Knights. I do whine on about it, but its really important to listen to the whole thing as one piece so that you follow the narrative. 'Knights' was a good choice as a single because it does contain a lot of that but also makes sense of the album as a whole.

What is the concept behind the story and the imagery? It almost seems at times that there is a positive message trying to break out of Sonic Mass, almost "spiritual" in some ways. It's very dark but it's filled with what I translate as very positive messages such as in Knights Of The Black Sun "you were always free" and The One "all sense of separation, this is your illusion".

Exactly. That's one of the things about Amebix that people didn't really understand. Its not about 'post apocalyptic misanthropic gloomsludge' or whatever tag people want to hang on it, we are the enemy within in one sense, in a side of the music world that deals primarily in negative imagery and lyricism I think we have always tried to bring a positive message across. I would want people to feel uplifted by music, like great art, to bring forward creative and aspirational ideas, not an obsessive pursuit of death, if all we had to say was another litany of helplessness or anger then I would not bother.

The song "Visitation" however is still confusing me - enlighten me on it!

It is really Roy's story to tell, but I will briefly summarise. Whilst recording in Ireland we stayed in a particularly strange place on the edge of an ancient oak wood, which itself contains the grave of the inspiration for Bram Stokers Dracula as well as having some very strange electro magnetic anomalies ,so spooky...dude. On one night both Stig and Roy were visited by two entities in the room in which we stayed, one in the form of the classic 'hag' the other a black dog with the face of a man. Both incidents separate. Roy had a conversation with the dog which shook him up for days. He spent some time writing the tune out for this and when it came time for lyrics I asked for details of the coversation which are incorporated in the song, it was quite a hair raising incident at a very dark time for us.'Visitation' is not really a song, it is an interlude, atmospheric, that centre point of the darkness that leads out again.

You've said yourself in the film Risen that the thing that first attracted you to punk was the freedom and the acceptance - do you still carry this with you today? Especially if I have understood some of the lyrics of Sonic Mass as I think I should have, is this what you would like to spread to others?

I have pretty much made my life on my own terms,and whilst it may not be the most conventional it is also ultimately an expression of all the things I believe - do what you are meant to do, be true to yourself, manifest your own nature.

Even though as far back as the 80s you were saying that punk has become a "cult of conformity" - do you think this is still true today? Worse, better, the same? (hey it's like going for an eye test!) - Can you find pockets of "the original idea"?

There will always be pockets of the original idea, although they won't neccesarilly be found within the narrow confines of any scene or genre. Spirit is like water, it will flow through your hands and not be owned by any one, the Spirit of Punk Rock was one of the things that inspired me originally and I suppose we eventually find that it was just a reflection of the spirit we already better with...or better away?  Better with? Away?...Sorry got fixated on the eye test there.

What music do you enjoy yourselves these days? Do you pick up anything new or old? Do you bother to try and "keep up", what would we find if we went through music you have absorbed over the past year or so?

Oh dear, I think the Metal Militia and the Punk Police would both be at my door with burning torches if they found out what I listen to. I am attempting to make in roads into more modern music, two teaspoons of Sabbath to one teaspoon of  "Johnny young person's music".

The new Amebix album and reformation has excited the punk world very much, if I go round some of the forums and websites you can find a lot of people getting very excited about it. What do you think about being so well thought of and respected. And sub-question, you've risen very much above your peers of the time, for example Disorder, and Antisect - who has also just reformed but instead of the huge impact that Amebix got Antisect was faced with a little less of an "explosion".

Antisect were great guys and fun to play with, miserable looking sods but we were all secret metal heads really. I remember fondly us subjecting the Bristol gigs to Mob Rules on tape before going on, gawd...they hated it. Anyway, obviously very honoured that we are so well thought of, I have to be a bit arrogant though and say that it is deserved, we were always 110 percent about what we did, right or wrong and I think that shows. It is important to be your best, manifest the best possible stuff you can, simple as that. Most people we knew back in the day were playing at being in a band, we were entirely ernest about it as a life.

How do you find what people are saying about Sonic Mass, is it as divided as I see? And do you think those that wanted "No Sanctuary pt2" never understood Amebix in the first place? On the flip side do you think those that are going really deep into the album and giving it almost an art-school type review are reading too much into it?

I can't be too objective about this question. I am seeing some instances of absolute rage and indignation, whilst I can understand that people can like or dislike there are some who make it sound like you've just raped their granny and poo-ed in their pillowcase. People who maybe like the security of being able to order their music like they order their meals, plate of 84-87 crust with a layer of death/dark/doomsludge and some septic sauce, sorry to dissapoint...but no need to get into an incandescent fury about it. Some others are so locked into a nerdy approach that they have to list what perticular styles or nuances they hear in the music to justify an opinion - just chill the fuck out and listen, don't try to diagnose. I sense a genuine frustration in people who dont 'get' it, because I suppose they know that they never will, and they never did, they just like the idea of a splathead logo and No Gods No Masters. The music that means the most to me in my lifetime has always and invariably been that which hits a note on a soul level, it doesn't have to be clever or complex or too pre-conceived, it just has to have that quality that you cannot manufacture.

Now....You've had many drummers, some of them left, some of them died in bizarre gardening accidents or choked on "vomit" - and Sonic Mass does have something representing Stonehenge on the I seeing a connection here?

Actually I see myself as doing rather well in the shoe selling trade if needs present I am working on an operatic arrangement of 'Lick My Lovepump'

Sticking with that theme - have you seen the movie "The Story of Anvil"? Since you guys never had the intention of reforming I'm guessing that you never had the "we're gonna be rockstars" attitude, but do you think this is an attitude that can be found quite often? People way past their prime who have had some minor success still clutching on trying to one day get there? I'm guessing this was never the aim of Amebix in the first place?

Ah don't be cruel. Actually Stig and I were watching that film on the flight back from Montreal, a real tear in the eye thinking...fuck...thats us!!! The genral mis-management and rip off was so much like our own story I could relate to that a lot. I actaully bought Anvil records when they came out, but there are some themes that are just plain out dated. Kind of like punk bands singing their Thatcher songs or repeated fuck the system stuff, I would really hope that what we have to say will still be relevant in another 20 years.

You've had many bands singing your praises - Neurosis have shrines to you that they offer cider and glue to every morning, Max Cavelera has Amebix pyjamas and bed covers and Vivian Slaughter of Gallhammer was never pictured without her Amebix t-shirt. This must be quite an honour that so many of such status say they got it from Amebix?

Pyjamas and bed covers..shit!! Really? I want some of that stuff  to match my 'Arise' penis pump and 'poo's the enemy' eau de toilette. Seriously though,they all send cash contributions at Christmas, even the pagans!

Sticking with the cider and glue - you've grown up a lot since those days of spiking your hair and wearing the safety pinned clothes Risen claims you were always "the straight one". Do you feel there is an emphasis on substance abuse, alcohol, drugs etc in the music world and how do you guys deal with it? Rat Skates (ex-Overkill, that's my next featured interview by the way - ELK) is currently making a documentary on how the music world can lead to dragging people in to this sort of lifestyle and can prove a danger.

Well, I suppose that statement is in context, 'straight' means maybe taking less than everyone else around but I certainly dipped more than my toe into the water, it's just that I was also pretty focused even then and tried to make things happen rather than get swept away in the deluge of navel gazing .We were on the border of a time where drugs were definitely 'rock n roll' and glamorous. Stig and I were almost the only people in our town who even smoked dope when we were growing up, where as now it is ubiquitous. I dont have much time for that anymore, if I look around I see the damage done.

Contrary to me saying I found Sonic Mass to carry some quite positive messages - if you look back at your time in Bristol, which you seem to remember as a time of depression and desperation, would you say this was what formed your sound on the early recordings?

Yes I think the early stuff was a lot colder and maybe a bit desperate, we were living in a kind of surreal madness at that time, it wasn't until we got out to Bath that we had time to focus in a bit more on the songs. No Sanctuary is just like an asylum.

Finally - I know you have some up in the air plans for touring and stuff but so far what can the world expect from Amebix live-wise in the near future?

At this point it is very uncertain, I suppose the best advice is just to keep an eye out, these are strange times.

 - Thanx Rob! - SONIC MASS is out now - go get it! Visit AMEBIX at AMEBIX.NET

Monday, October 17, 2011


Checking out an excellent page called "Rate My Battle Jacket" just had to share some of the best and worst! Enjoy!

The jacket of zero imagination......

What is it with Maiden fans?

The hand painted picture of Biff is just priceless/wordless...

Got one patch....did notes for my homework on the rest.

You are not hardcore unless you own a.....BATTLE BATHROBE

Some of these patches were on a 2-for-1 sale.


Pestilence...Pentagram....LIVING COLOUR! 

Everything looks like it was bought just before this event.

Win for the sheer amount of coolness on here!

Conform to your non-conformity!!

Cute =) I likey!

Not got enough room? Just sew patches onto your patches!

No reason why....

Spot the denim....and the ABBA patch!

Who are "Fingernails"?

Nowhere to buy patches? Make your own!


I'll make or sell you stuff for your battle jacket!

Punk rock pin, patches, t-shirts etc makers and punk distro

Crust fueled d-beat grindcore!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Apparently 2 1/2 men has rated top 20 in every season since it started in 2003. New York Times calls it "The biggest hit comedy of the past decade" and it is in it's NINTH season!

I have never so much as been able to raise a wry smile watching it.

I just don't get it! Where are the funny bits? Where are the jokes? What about it is funny?

And now Ashton in "Punk't", "Dude, Where's My Car" .... PURRR-LEASE! In my house 2 1/2 Men is known as "change the channel!".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Being the investigator I am, I make it my duty to listen to every band that sends something my way and give them some feedback, no matter how honest it is!

Most of the stuff I get is good, and every now and again I get something that makes me go "FUCKING HELL YES!!!"

And that is the case with DESIRE from Indonesia (seems to be A LOT of awesome stuff going on in Indonesia, am I gonna aim to go there and check it out? - Hellz yeahz!)

This 4-track slab is a jewel - shredding guitars over a drummer that makes Pete Sandoval and Rob Williams sound like the dude from U2 topped off by death growls and tortured screams!

The whole thing is over in less than 5 mins and if you're anything like me you'll go back to the start and listen again, and again!

Hellnation meets Regurgitate meets Rupture.

Go visit the MYSPACE HERE



Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Now that Crypt Of The Zombilord have their first demo-type-DIY-thing out and about I thought I'd review it.

Not the COTZ bit because that's me and that's no good to review your own stuff - but it's a split tape with the Columbian band F.U.C.K - and it's them I will review now!

Great honest DIY grind-core with your basic garage production, sounds like they have recorded it themselves yet made a great job of it! The lyrics dive between English and Spanish with regular snotty-shouted punk vocals, death grunts and pig-falling-down-the-stairs-squeals.

Total DIY attitude and nothing outstays it's welcome on this tape - everything is direct and to the point but not a blurry blended mess, nope, F.U.C.K write songs, and with a healthy dose of humor in there too - it's a winner!

Go check out F.U.C.K - HERE

Monday, October 10, 2011


How to do it....

Wait until he goes out, then go round his house and rearrange his furniture. Then as soon as he likes it that it again!

Then go through his bins and see what he's been buying, reading and eating then send a bunch of salesmen to his door based on what you think he might want. Move his door to another side and floor of his house first though.

Then find a bunch of people from the streets and see if he wants to be friends with them while showing him a bunch of pictures from your holiday in Spain in 2000.

Keep in touch with all his friends and shout through his letterbox what they are doing constantly.

"Bob just read the paper!"
"Jim is having chips for his dinner!"
"Sam just went to the shops!"

If he goes out, find out where he's gone and write it in big letters on his front door.

See how he likes it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


ZOMBIE ATTACK RECORDS, my fledgling distro and label wants to put out a fund-raising print Fanzine with a free 7" (or a 7" with a free Fanzine....) to start up the label - among others featured in the zine will be AMEBIX - got/know a band that wants to be on it?

Because it's a fund raiser (and I'll be honest about this up front) I want all the bands to be able to contribute to the pressing (45Euro) and in return you'll get 10 copies and an interview/review in the Zine. So really it's a collaboration between bands, I'll do all the legwork and the messing about and if it takes off then I can put out another 7" and then the label is off and I have bands to draw on and help out!

The only condition is.....the song needs to be under 60 seconds (or multiple songs under 60 seconds. Of course I will have to approve it that's it's good stuff too! (Usual rules apply - no sexist/racist/homophobic etc)

Any takers? Share this page/pass on to any bands that might be interested. - mail me at GREGCARLPEARSON(ATTZ)GMAIL(DOTZ)COM

I'm also going to start making patches for bands, check out the page HERE (it is in Swedish but you can mail me for English)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have really gone off on an anti-Facebook one recently. I think I have always been a bit anti since the start but every now and again it becomes a welcome I sink deeper in.

But the constant changes they make over and over again just start pissing me off, and again and again - plus every time they make a change I have to start Googling in order to find out what has changed privacy and sharing-wise in order to get everything back to the setting I want.

With the addition of "Better Facebook" (soon to change name due to pressure from Facebook) I have been able to remove a lot of the modules I don't want, but Facebook seems still intent to push more and more at me each day.

So, my reasons why I hate Facebook:

- They change the layout once a week, confusing everyone.
- It used to be good, now it's just cluttered.
- More BIG changes are on the way
- Even after you log out they track you, using your information.
- More and more places on the web can only be used if you have Facebook
- Facebook wants to use "personalisation" to change web pages when you visit them, based on your Facebook and internet activity.
- Facebook wants to take over the web and the world.
- Mark Zuckerberg makes millions from YOUR information, sits in his mansion on his throne laughing at us because he knows whatever he does, we wont leave!

Other social networks. if I take for example Myspace and Google+ (which is in beta so subject to change) this is at least the things they DON'T do:

-Allow friends to check you in to places, tagging you and posting it publicly.
-Allow friends to tag you where you have worked/studied even if you have chosen not to say your self.
-Have a designated page for everything you "like" such as music, books, sports, TV in order to collect stats.
-Only allow access to certain websites and apps if you have a Facebook.
-"Personalise" other web pages so they are "customised" for you when you visit.
-Store everything you write as a status update, which even if your profile is as private as you like, will come up in a search engine.
-Instantly want you to tag friends through face recognition
-Constantly want me to see my friends old pictures, status updates, MY old status updates....
-Add "like" buttons to external websites therefore tracking you even if you are logged out.

I also hate those forever increasing modules, look at friends events, friends photos, friends status updates from 2007, people you may know, things you may like and so on, and so on....

I want a social network but I just want a nice clean one without all the crap: this is how I see Facebook compared with say, Google+ . G+ on the left, FB on the right.

BUT.....we don't dare to leave because we'd be lost without it and all our friends are there. Just like millions of others. You don't want to learn another social network? You feel comfortable and safe with Facebook?

So that's the thing, Mark Naziberg knows that we won't leave - so with that in mind, I am off!

To see the FB event "The Day You Dare To Leave Facebook" see HERE

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well it was a road trip yesterday, going up to Stockholm from BorĂ¥s on the bus, then the tube, then a long walk with all our gear in our arms and finally to Grundbulten, the place we were playing at. Great little DIY run place in Stockholm, a short way away from the center. Just the sort of place I like.

The guy running the place was a little all over the place, there was no sound guy and no one really had any idea of structure - something that stressed me out a bit so I started setting up the mics on the stage myself.

ACEPHALIX, the band from America on Southern Lord showed up with a few friends from Italy, including their driver who was Mila from AGIPUNK, cool! A massive distro got myself and Fredrick's drool running.

A really nice bunch of guys, had a great chat with all of them, apart from their guitarist who I think was a little tired, but they were all awesome guys, plenty of time to chat to them and the hangers on, nice stuff. When people started turning up I bumped into some old friends, really nice stuff.

The situation of the sound was fixed by Acephalix's drummer, Justin having just a total "It'll all be ok" attitude, like he said, when it's like that you just have to simplify everything as much as you can and remove the variables right down until it works. I'm never to old or road worthy to learn something.

Then it was time to get our Zombi on.

The show was the usual 12minutes of noise "rahhh-bash-scream-roar-zombiiii!" etc I think everybody in the place stood and watched, it was cool - not many people there but those that were there were into it. Hopefully I will have some live pics soon.

ACEPHALIX just threw their gear up on stage, dimmed the lights and kicked off, a bulldozer of raw unleashed noise - think Bolt Thrower, Dismember but with a real crusty edge, complete and utter awesomeness.

Singer Dan was just part of the pit, throwing off people here and there - my highlight was watching Robban our bassist jump in and thrash himself around for a few songs - made me smile.

A bit of a knees-up afterwards with little sleep, perhaps my sleep would have been better was it not for the fact that I slept on the top bunk of these bunk beds and during the night rolled over and fell out like a right numpty.

Back on the bus on the way home, I'm sure we disturbed everyone for the whole journey by just chatting the whole way there and back again - but that's the great thing I'm finding with Crypt Of The Zombilord, they are an awesome band to travel work and gig with. There is certainly no egos in the band, no one is pushing or pulling, no one is expecting anything other than what is, everyone is just happy to be having some fun with it and with our time hanging out I think I spend most of it just laughing my ass off.

Good times!

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