Thursday, May 3, 2012


Have not gotten round to writing about the weekend yet, shame on me. But I took a little road trip up to Jönköping to Kuturhuset for one hell of a gig.

Got a ride up with Therese and Helan, totally cool people who didn't mind stopping off in my town to pick me up and drag me along. A lot of people I knew there from Gothenburg and all over the rest of Sweden - was like a big cool hangout before the show. Nice to finally meet promoter Calle who I have been chatting with over the interwebz for a while now.

Hatet Från Helvetet kicked off with some totally cool punk/hardcore old skool or no skool style. Follwed by Sub-Alert, a band that I have recently discovered and got into after buying out Up Your Records Distro and finding a bunch of records by them (and their previous bands, Anatabus etc)

Fast as fuck hardcore punk with 'tude. Really spin-on-a-nail tight, which is to be expected as this Tidaholm crew have been playing together for the best part of like 100 years.

Eskatologia were my personal highlight. Melodic crust/d-beat with female doom vox - tons of crushing tunes - felt compelled to buy a 7" and a T-Shirt and would have got more if I had more money - certainly worth anyone's while to go check out. NOW!

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