Monday, March 19, 2012


Why the fuck are ghosts in spooky films such trolls? I mean, as you maybe know I watch a bugger-load of horror films, the ones I like the best are the jumpy ones. You always know that's coming, it sometimes gets you!

What I can't understand is that if it's a spooky-whoooo ghosty film then they usually have a point or a reason for the haunting such as "I am trying to show you where you lost sister went" or "I need to protect you" or sometimes, "and now I am gonna kill you"...etc.

Why then do they spend the first half of the film jumping out of closets and appearing in the bathroom mirror as you close it and generally just scaring the shit out of you....why not just get to the point?

Ghosts. Trolls.

Morbid Angel, Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes album

Once in a while a metal band toys with the "other side" of the extreme music and attempts to blend genres and create something new. It usually sounds like a huge pile of steaming donkey cock poo.

Darkthrone's own Fenriz has spoken out against his peers doing this very think "they listen to one techno album and think - we could use this in metal...and it never works".

I'm on the fence with the bleepy-bloopy musical style that is techno/house/garage/I don't know all the genres or what is what. I listen to a lot of heavy, fast, guitar based music and as a result I can enjoy something else from time to time. The first Chemical Brothers album for example is awesome, and when I was on long, long tours with Mr.Zippy back in the day and working at a record shop, one of my favorite albums to play during the day was a "Chilled Ibiza" CD, it was just a nice place.

I know that the "rave" culture has a lot in common with the punk culture, in fact I recently spoke about punk culture at my school and another girl in my class spoke about rave culture and the connections are too many to mention, we agreed that the music was almost the only thing seperating it.

So anyway.....death metal legends MORBID ANGEL have left their latest album "Illud Divinum Insanus" over to a bunch of renowned bleepy-bloopy musicians and given them free reign.

There are some names on there that would mean more to a lot of other people than they do to me - over three hours of remixes and 39 tracks over 2cds and a digital download.

And you know's good. A lot of people are dissing this but for an extreme music fan with an open mind that likes to hear something a bit different from time to time I think this is a great output. Sure there are a few wishy-washy flops on there and some of them suffer from the thing I have often thought a lot of this kind of music suffers from which is "waiting for the beat to kick in" where the whole song sounds like it's building up to something and then it ends...

But either way, this rocks! Ummm, sorry, this beeps and boops good!


Can you get them all? Answers are below in white so you need to click and highlight them to see!


Sunday, March 18, 2012


A while ago I wrote about the downfall and commercialisation of yesteryear's underground, "shocking" music. Human evolution has grown so we now accept that parents in the 50s who were shocked and appalled by the wiggling of Elvis or the shaggy hair of the Rolling Stones were worried about nothing. Yet this music, although meant as a rebel's push was nothing compared with the 70s and 80s and the real dangers - free thinking!

In the 80s when Iron Maiden released "Number Of The Beast" they were instantly hailed as satanists and parents and concerned religious groups were up in arms. Fast forward to these days and we can see Mr & Mrs average-white-suburban-christian-westerner clapping and singing along with "Run To The Hills" on Pop Idol.

Metallica, once considered the epitome of the extreme are worshiped by your average frat-boy...and so on.

And so this takes me to something I witnessed recently. The Swedish TV show "Sing Along". It's a fun game show where celebs compete against each other in a karaoke style battle. It's all light hearted and fun and very, very "Svensson" but recently I witnessed one of the strangest songs that could be on there!

Ebba Grön's "Staten och Kapitalet" (The State & The Capital). Now, not much is known about the band Ebba Grön outside of Sweden, or among the knowledgeable punk circles. In short a punk band formed in the late 70s who were notably anti-capitalist and outspoken, possibly the biggest Swedish punk band of the time and still relevant. Their tunes are instantly catchy and memorable even to the non-swedish speaker and can be heard in alternative clubs all over the land still today.

But this particular song was sung but Mrs. Average-white-suberban-middle-upper-class-christian-westerner. I have included a copy of the lyrics as best they can be translated into English below.....are they now nothing more than a sing along anthem of pretend rebellion for the rich celebs?

Capital increases rent
and state housing grants
can be doctored slightly
with the iron law of wages
and even pay less in wages
than the price of food and for rent
for the state shoot, please
the cost of living has become
too expensive.

Side by side, they help each
state and capital, sit in the same boat
though it is not the one 'rowing
and whip to tickle
their fat necks.

The school's mission is as it should be
the school workforce
if the brooms to sweep
we should not skimp on the stems
barriers and quotas and test program
is a system to screen
wheat from the chaff, and was one
to his right hem.

The tempo is raised at the machines,
This is the elite trills
production is no capacity for the
that has become badly worn
but lest anyone should think that there is something wrong
by the heavy chords
he is regarded as a disease and treated
of the merciful working care.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It was a fun gig on Tuesday, Härden is a great place, one of those all-too-rare punk places out on an industrial estate ran by punx for punx and just awesome!

GiftGasAttack delivered a great show which is sadly to be one of their last and we (Aggrenation) did our first show with me and last with bassist Benny before he moves away - not perfect but a hell of a ride!



Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yeah so, I've been a bit quiet of late on the ol' blogging front, mostly as my internet has been on "go slow" and because I have just had a lot to do, but it's all good!

I hopped onto another band, AGGRENATION as one of the guitar players, very nice! Already got a few releases under their bullet belt and another on the way very very soon

Visit the label homepage about this new split 12" (available on black vinyl or limited marble vinyl!) RIGHT HERE

Go check out AGGRENATION

I will be playing my first gig with them in Gothenburg on Tuesday:

Should be a lot of fun - check out the FB event page:


I am sorry to any readers with all this back and forth, but I have decided to go back to this original platform for INQUISITIVE ELKS as it's just easier to use and a bit more asthetically pleasing!

Sorry for the long-time-no-blog, words and pictures soon!

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