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In my search for a alternative to Google etc that also works I came across

This cartoon explains all, lets do it!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, you're of the biggest and most famous bands in the scene. You practically invented and formed a genre with a spawn of imitators. You have an ex-members list that looks more like a football team roster, your current line up includes not one original member and the longest standing one didn't even play on your best known album.

You're on album number 15, what do you do?

Those of you that know Napalm Death will know the deal by now. Since the departure of Mick Harris they have been steering the ship and walking the line between death metal and punk with the trademark grind and a healthy whack of D-Beat all over the place. Every couple of albums or so they throw a few spanners into the mix, just to make sure you were paying attention. Utilitarian is one of these albums!

It's Napalm Death all the way but you can see that in their age and experience they have thrown in a few extras just to spice things up a bit. For a start the guitar work is intricate and discordant and certainly takes a fair bit of influence from bands like Voivod back in the day.

When you listen to an "extreme" album sometimes you need to come up for air, we get this by Mitch Harris taking over vox on quite a few toons and even some "straight" vocals, something rarely heard in Napalm Death.

Jon Zorn even pops up and lays some crazy sax all over one of the songs - jazz grind! Certainly one of those more experimental Napalm Death albums that went right!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Since getting out of prison, Varg Vilkernes (the man who is BURZUM) has been merrily churing out stuff such as a slew of albums and a big book about stuffz. This is from the promoshoot to his new album UMSKIPTAR

Are you fucking kidding me? Apparently not.

See the whole gallery here:

But Greg, will you be getting the new album? Of course, who do you think I am, he'll stab me with that pointy stick if not!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Sorry blog, never here as much as I should be, tell you what, it's no bad thing! It's because I have been busy don't you know, Nothing wrong with that I guess.

Friday was fun for a "Black" Friday, (or "långfredag"/Long Friday as we call it here in Sweden) at the new-ish Anarcho-Collective in Gothenburg, Härden. The intensely good THREE(!!)-vocalist attack that is Brottskod 11

Fuckin' HARDCORE attack with feet a lot in the late 90s UK hardcore/sXe feel - with a sparse audience you wouldn't know it! And the penultimate gig for bassist Jocke, who is I'm not mistaken also takes care of the D-Takt & Råpunk distro/label. Very worth your while to go check out their bandcamp and get some good toons

A 7" is also just out on Phobia Records- go check!

BACKLASH from Finland also played a great set on the arse-end of their mega-tour, mostly with Japanese punkers CRUDE who were sadly not on this bill. Loved them and snapped up one of their limited tour 12"s. The pic does not do it justice, it's not pink, it's PIINNKK!!!

You can investigate them here:

And of course Zombilord did a bit too, sans-makeup this time, pure thrash!

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