Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is the band BLACK BREATH

Look at their drummer over there on the far right.

Just saying. Elk out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sorry for the totally sporadic and lower quality posts lately, I do promise to be back om form-ish kind of soon ish. Maybe.

Anyway, for now, some info that popped up in my brain today - did you know that during his fatty years, one of Elvis' fav things to do, apart from eat cheeseburgers and snort coke, was to watch Monty Python?

"Priscilla, c'mon here baby, they gonna say it, uh.huh"

"That's what I'm talkin' about, NI, Priscilla, uhuhu, thankyouverymuch"

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Attaching a lazer pointer to a fan and letting the cats play with it while sat on my ass watching 4 On Demand....Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, Misfits, Brass Eye and more, pure heaven, a folköl, some cheese - go get some!

In more news there is a shit load of new stuff over in the distro (Zombie Attack, go click the pic on the right there) along with the new AGGRENATION 12" - which you can also get from Bandcamp

Friday, May 18, 2012


20 kronor (about 2 euro) at the market in town, dumb not to!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


One thing I have noticed in Sweden.....although it might not just be in Sweden, it might be the whole world and just since I have been living here. But the growing number of nationalists in heavy metal music.

For me this is a bit twisted, I mean rock is meant to be against that kind of thing right?

I'm not just talking about your regular NSBM bands but people who are metal fans...and just racist! A lot of the mullet-cru here in Sweden voted for the Swedish nationalist party...why?

When I went to see KISS in 2000 they tried to get Wembly Arena to sing the national anthem. The audience  stood silently. No way.

Just saying.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Have not gotten round to writing about the weekend yet, shame on me. But I took a little road trip up to Jönköping to Kuturhuset for one hell of a gig.

Got a ride up with Therese and Helan, totally cool people who didn't mind stopping off in my town to pick me up and drag me along. A lot of people I knew there from Gothenburg and all over the rest of Sweden - was like a big cool hangout before the show. Nice to finally meet promoter Calle who I have been chatting with over the interwebz for a while now.

Hatet Från Helvetet kicked off with some totally cool punk/hardcore old skool or no skool style. Follwed by Sub-Alert, a band that I have recently discovered and got into after buying out Up Your Records Distro and finding a bunch of records by them (and their previous bands, Anatabus etc)

Fast as fuck hardcore punk with 'tude. Really spin-on-a-nail tight, which is to be expected as this Tidaholm crew have been playing together for the best part of like 100 years.

Eskatologia were my personal highlight. Melodic crust/d-beat with female doom vox - tons of crushing tunes - felt compelled to buy a 7" and a T-Shirt and would have got more if I had more money - certainly worth anyone's while to go check out. NOW!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


You see, in my opinion, May 1st and it's "anti establishment" marches and protests are in the same book as a young girl making perfume out of flowers she picked and thinking that she's gonna get the Avon lady shitting herself.

The sentiment has long been replaced almost in the same way people think that the "message has been lost" in Christmas. At least here in the most part of the Western World. The government has decided that this is a holiday, and the established organisations that steer the world have all the protesters put into little "safe" protected pockets knowing full well that by about 7pm everyone will be home. Apart from a few trouble makers.

It's rebellion how the Orwellian "they" want us to have it. Picture this....

The attack of course would not have worked. So you see my point? Of course you do, you're not stupid. If you're going to rebel against the major corporations, if you REALLY want to make a change then do it all the time! Not just on the one day that they have decided and/or will be expecting it. The impact to everything is minimal when they know that the protesters will just be gone again the next day. Now if you really cared about something, you'd protest on May 2nd also, and May 3rd.....until it worked!

So, good luck to everyone today, of course I agree with almost all of your sentiments. You have my support. But I'd appreciate yours the rest of the year.

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