Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Cabin In The Woods

What can I say.... I read a lot of mixed to negative reviews about this film, so I expected nothing good, but y'know, I gotta watch all the new horror films anyway.

I was blown away - this film was excellent! There was not a single thing wrong with this movie, apart from maybe the fact that it is marketed as a horror flick, and that is where the negativity has come in.

You know me, I'm not going to give anything away so I am not going to tell you the plot or what happens etc, it's much better to watch a film knowing nothing. I even forbid reading the blurb or the back of the DVD case! But to say that it owes more to an episode of Scooby Doo that horror - but with a very adult touch. We've got gore, killing, sex, drugs and  unearthly enemies. But it's more of an action, satirical comedy than a horror film,

But we've also got something that sets it apart - and that is a KILLER plot, and I mean someone actually thought about this one and made it original and something else, it's not like any other film I have seen, and that's what made it awesome.

Charming, never dull, exciting and original. Top marks!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


A band that I've had a few writings about earlier and need to give you this info again of course is REIGN OF FURY.

Call it what you want, there is a bunch of these "retro-thrash" or whatever bands about these days trying to re-create the sounds of the 80s metal/thrash days. What's different about ROF? ...They get it right.

With members of the band previously being in punk bands such as Gash and 4Ft Fingers I've known them for a while and can say that even while playing the punk these guys were digging the metal - and ROF have formed to give the perfect blend of musical technical excellence mixed with actual great TUNES (not just riffs y'all, there is a difference) and the thing that counts the most is that they are doing this for the love of it, not the image or the money (ha ha, the money...)

Debt album WORLD DETONATION is out now - you shall get it!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I know that as a horror-movie nerd that I SHOULD have seen the original of "The Ring" by now but for some reason it's just eluded me until recently. I'm normally up to speed with my Asian horror but....well, I have no excuse. I had seen a from the famous TV-part until a bit on at a party once but that was it.

So after finding that the original differs a hell of a lot from the remake I decided to do a little "vs" section on some of the most famous remakes of Asian horror. Let's go!


Now apparently both films are based on a book, which in turn was based on a Japanese folk-tale (that has nothing much to do with the horror element but the class/love divide). It has also spawned more versions including a Korean version, a sequel (in both Japanese and American versions) and in Japan a prequel.

For my money you'd be better off watching the Japanese version first. It relies much on atmosphere and the overall feeling that the horror element. And there is actually very little "horror" in the whole film, more just the main characters being scared of dying in their allotted seven days and coming to the root of the history, saving our little black-haired creepy girl and therefore getting rid of the curse of the video tape. Apart from the famous creeping-out-of-the-telly scene (which is 100 times more creepy in the Japanese version) there isn't much to make you jump or keep you awake at night. Then again it is a horror classic, and should be watched!

Now the American version wasn't that greatly appreciated but I think it's actually an awesome version and actually improves on the Japanese version. OK, it's a lot more filled with spooky special effects but it also delves into the plot much deeper and gives you a whole back story to the little black-haired girl and why everything happened. Now, if this is revealed in the Japanese book, or sequel/prequel I do not know (yet) but for me it gave the film a much deeper level. It also delivered one of the creepiest film lines uttered by a child since "I see dead people".......

"why did you help her??" (or something like that). So as far as plot goes and creepiness, I give this one up to the Americans.


Now I don't know is this is true or not but for what I can see the Americans here have pretty much done what they did to Godzilla back in the 50s. They took the Japanese film and just threw some Americans in. From what I can make out the American version of the film is the same house, the same setting and the same cast as the Japanese version (even the same director and production team) - and they have simply replaced certain main characters with American actors such as Bill Pullman and Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

With that in mind both versions are pretty much the same film, with the same events in the same order (with some differences) the plots remain pretty much identical with the difference that in the American, Sarah Michelle Gellar is an exchange student so therefore suffers a lot from the Japanese culture shock, which kind of "adds a layer" as it were. The scary scene are more Hollywood and jumpy but since the main "scary monsters" are pretty much the same, a black-haired girl and a small blue boy with his cat.

There is no way I could say which one is "better" I guess it's a matter or preference. If you want to see the core and like me is the type of person that has no problem sitting through subtitled films then the original is where is started and then of course the American version is simply catered to a lazier market but is more big budget. Both get top marks.


This South Korean horror flick was remade as The Uninvited. The original is a creepy "what the fuck is happening" tale which centers around a pair of sisters seemingly bullied by an evil step mother. The plot involves jealousy, betrayal and mental sickness. The original delivers a lot of shocks, a lot of mystery and has a twist that leaves you gasping.

When we turn to the American "The Uninvited" - I have to say that I went most of the film before figuring out that I was watching a re-make of the Korean film. From that moment on the film was ruined as I had seen the ending already and knew what was going on.

So I guess for me the original shapes up better, but only as I saw it first. Had I seen the American version first I may have had a different opinion.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Because Church Burning Is So 1990s

On the day of sentencing, the women's movement FEMEN expressed support and respect to Russian colleagues from the Group Pussy riot. In a sign of solidarity with the victims of the Putins regime Femen activists Inna Shevchenko piled a monument cross on the Maidan of independence with a chainsaw. Femen demand from church to stop support the dictatorship and hinder the development of democracy and freedom of women. FEMEN says if russian activists will be sentenced to prison terms, FEMEN will show their chainsaw for Putin and Gundyaev.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A few days since my last post and my apologies to anyone wondering why my last one was in Swedish. - Long story short, big fucked up situations and stuff. Not to make more of a mess of it I'll leave it there.

Sick of writing about problems and stuff on this blog, I want it to be a good place to come and find out cool things.

So, some "new" music - or nor new, I actually recorded this back in 2009 but have now decided to put it out on bandcamp so people can listen and download.

Some atmospheric earthy tunes.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Uttalande från Greg & Johanna Elk.

Följande är ett uttalande från Greg & Johanna Elk, 10 augusti, 2012

Vi sitter ner för att skriva detta eftersom vi är måna om vår scen. Vi vill försvara Greg och se till att inga överdrivna historier cirkulerar om den aktuella händelsen.

Vårat motto är att vi vill ha en scen som är en rolig trygg plats där alla kan njuta av vår musik och våra idéer.

Vi vill ta upp en händelse som hände på Hygget Festival i helgen som kan skada oss och andra i vår krets om det escalerar från fel början i händelseförloppet.

På fredagen på festivalen fann Johanna några nyheter om Greg som hon inte redan visste - det var en fråga dem emellan,  och Greg är fullt medveten om det felaktiga han har gjort, beklagar djupt och gör sitt bästa för att rätta till det.

Johanna bröt ut i ursinne med all rätt MEN utan att förklara varför (då det inte var självklart att han borde förstå vid det tillfället) hon anföll honom med våld. Hans första tanke var att Johanna hade fått i sig någon form av drog och attackerade honom i dimman. Den naturliga reaktionen som följde var att pga rädsla och försvar hålla henne nere; ge henne underläge. Båda har jämna blåmärken.

Detta handlar inget om våldsamhet mot kvinna utan kampen var jämn och i dimma för två som är lika hetlevrade.

Greg lever som han lär och står inte för våld mot kvinnor. Han är aktiv förespråkare för feminism och kvinnors rättigheter; har bidragit till att skapa en plats för utsatta kvinnor och hjälpt till i kampen mot human trafficking bla.

Båda vi (Johanna och Greg) sitter här nu och skriver detta tillsammans så att man kan få höra det rätta händelseförloppet från de två faktiska inblandade, då vi vet hur fel det kan bli.

Vi sitter här nu som nära vänner och som två vuxna och allt oss emellan är uttalat.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tony Sly (No Use For a Name) RIP

Just read that singer/axeman from the band NO USE FOR A NAME has passed away - no details yet as to how.

Sharez it fukko!