Saturday, May 25, 2013


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  1. Powers, Buddha used the greatest power of all. Its not some fancy comic hero power nor is it conjuring up massive armies. If you learned from the purest form of Buddha's teaching he uses compassion, love, kindness, (myitta). Whatever way you call it, is his "power". Science tells us that when we get angry bla bla bla flight and or fight etc etc. We get "power" from rush of chemical produced in our body, it is good for a while because if you dig deeper any response other than being happy or being at peace eventually has side effects. Scholars write about all those stuffs where lotus bloom and such well it is just short stories to glorify can blame them who would want to read and how hard would it be to captivate people when the person your telling them about is just an ordinary man.

    In conclusion, one of the things Buddha's say about life is perhaps why I love his teachings so much. Suffering is all around, yes there is happiness too but! he added change is always happening..everything will eventually change good or bad. That is something which no one can deny. All beginning has end. Thus if your happy to be in the cycle by all means be happy but you are never truly free from yourself. Nirvana can only be achieve when you aspire to end all suffering and try to discover what "works" for you and finally attending peace.

    Its very long but try and take time to read it. Thank You


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